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New Year's Resolutions

January has been and gone, as have the resolutions that so many of us made at the beginning of the year. It’s a sad fact that many of the people who start the year full of resolve and optimism find it difficult to maintain this outlook throughout the months that follow. Perhaps we put too much pressure on making immediate and drastic changes, when really we should focus on simply sustaining our health and happiness.


Healthy body

Being healthy and happy doesn’t mean embarking on some fad diet or a torturous gym routine, although there is evidence to suggest that exercise can lift your mood and give you more energy. So take some time out to go for a nice relaxing walk or a gentle swim and you’ll surely feel the benefits.


Try not to obsess about dieting. Just eat when you are hungry and eat food you enjoy. Of course, it’s no secret that eating fresh and nutritious foods make your body happy but as your mood lifts, you’ll probably find yourself less likely to reach for comfort foods anyway.


Healthy mind

Everybody knows a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand but while looking after your body can make you happier, sometimes the stresses of work and family life can bring you down. For some people, a spring clean can be just the thing they need to blow away the cobwebs and feel re-energized. The great thing about getting rid of clutter is that you can surround yourself with only the objects that make you feel positive.


If you feel like taking a more unorthodox approach to your mental health, you might not have considered options such as having your tarot cards read or seeking online clairvoyant readings. Opening up your spiritual side may offer you an alternative form of release, allow you to discuss issues which may have been troubling you and give you a fresh perspective on things.


Feeling a little weary and worn out from time to time is inevitable. You’d be hard pushed to stay happy and optimistic 24/7 but there are small things you can do to give yourself a bit of a boost if you need it. Drastic changes rarely stick, which is why so many people are unsuccessful in their resolutions.  So lessen the pressure on yourself and just enjoy life. We’re only human after all!


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