As we talk about the aging process, a few subjects seem to keep popping up repeatedly. An increased loss of mental focus and lowered vitality, noticeably more wrinkled skin and dry, damaged hair, signs of fatigue and lack of energy, and weaker overall physical strength. While it’s a given that we’ll all age, there are […]
To look and feel great, you have to take care of the inside of your body, as well as the outside. Feeling fabulous starts with being healthy; and the key to boosting your health is to eating highly nutritious foods. This doesn’t mean eliminating everything from your diet that tastes delicious – it just means […]
One of the world’s most beloved desserts is chocolate. And while it might not be the ideal dietary choice if your goal is a slim physique, scientific studies have shown that dark chocolate can actually help your skin look better. For years, popular belief was held that chocolate caused acne. This might be true if […]
From acai-infused liquors to acai berry powders (for smoothies and snack mixes), the Acai Berry has been popping up everywhere over the past several years. Best known for it’s antioxidant properties, this powerful little berry (from Brazil) is more than just a fruit – it’s one of the best sources of nutrients you can get Continue Reading
Achieving beautiful, healthy skin requires more than just relying on topical treatments; it begins with proper nutrition. And what better way to start your day than with a breakfast that not only fills you up, gives you energy, and tastes delicious, but it also helps you look even more beautiful?! I’ve been enjoying this wholesome, Continue Reading
Aside from being an enjoyable and flavorful beverage, tea has been exalted for centuries for offering a plethora of healing and nutritional benefits. From invigorating and stimulating, to calming and relaxing effects, to anti-inflammatory and anti-aging results, various types of tea can help improve your body’s overall function and Continue Reading
Just like the way a car needs oil and gasoline to run efficiently, your brain and body need proper nutrition to function at optimal performance. The saying goes, “you are what you eat”. So, if that’s the case, you should definitely eat the best foods out there. But eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean you have to Continue Reading
Yesterday’s post about Claudia Schiffer’s phenomenal ability to look like she hasn’t aged in over 20 years got me thinking about the aging process in general… why some people look fantastic as time goes by, while others aren’t so lucky.   You’ve probably heard of two words regarding aging: Free Radicals. Continue Reading