Whether you’re facing work-related problems or experiencing a struggle in your personal life, today’s self-help guide features expert advice from Psychologists, Therapists, and Life Coaches on overcoming challenges and managing stress better in your daily life.

We’ve all had those moments when we feel like we’re trying to steer a ship to shore, while being caught in the middle of a storm. The good news is that with the right know-how and guidance, you can learn how to weather the storms and sail through life much easier. These must-read tips from the pros will help you gain peace of mind and learn practical techniques to managing stress and overcoming challenges.

Expert Advice on Overcoming Challenges and Managing Stress in Your Daily Life

Tips on Overcoming Challenges & Managing Stress

Practice Mindfulness: Gordon Brewer, Jr. a licensed marital and family therapist in private practice at Kingsport Counseling Associates, PLLC says, “The practice of mindfulness goes a long way in helping people better manage and control their thoughts. Learn how to practice thought shifting or thought stopping. Worry or anxiety comes from projecting our thoughts into the future; getting stuck in what if. Learning to ground oneself in the present is what tends to make people happier and feel more in control.”

Create A Stress-Free Zone at Home: Joy Rains, Founder of Joy Rains Mindfulness Training and the author of Meditation Illuminated: Simple Ways to Manage Your Busy Mind recommends creating a stress-free zone in your home. “You can learn to associate a dedicated place with quieting your mind, a place where you sit for a few minutes each day and focus on your breathing. You could devote an entire room to this practice, or just a corner of a room. Taking the time to pause-even for a few minutes a day-can go a long way towards managing stress.”

Focus On Gratitude: Elaine Taylor-Klaus, a Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Co-Founder of ImpactADHD®, suggests that you “Re-acquaint yourself with gratitude, and begin to develop a gratitude practice. Whether it’s starting a gratitude journal, or sharing three things you’re grateful for at the end of each day with your children or spouse, gratitude is grounding … and can re-connect us to what’s most important in our lives. It also helps us appreciate the little things that bring us joy — especially when the big things that scare us tend to capture our attention from sun up to sun down.”

Expert Advice on Overcoming Challenges and Managing Stress in Your Daily Life

Meditate: Brooke Novick, a marriage and family therapist in Roslyn, New York suggests learning how to meditate to help manage stress. “Stop, Breathe, and Think is an excellent guided meditation app that asks you to check in with your feelings before meditating. This simple practice helps users to be mindful of what they are experiencing in the moment. You can try to meditate 1-3x a week for 3 mins at a time in the beginning. Gradually you may want to increase the amount of days and length of time you meditate for. Start with something you are able to commit to. The only wrong way to meditate is not to do it at all!”

View Things From a Different Perspective: Heidi Krantz, a Certified Life Coach, author, speaker, and the Founder of Reinvention Life Coaching, suggests that you “Challenge your assumptions and limiting beliefs about situations around you. Even when you are sure that you have read a stressful situation accurately, ask yourself this powerful question, ‘What’s another possibility?’ Then, pay close attention to your own answers.” She goes on to suggest, “Practice looking for the opportunity and the purpose within every challenge, even within painful experiences. Ask yourself questions such as, ‘What can I take forward from this situation that I wouldn’t have understood before?’ Or ‘What’s one new action step that I can take that I would have been held back from before this situation arose?'”

Expert Advice on Overcoming Challenges and Managing Stress in Your Daily Life

Break Down Your Problems: Steve Siebold, a psychological performance coach and author of 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of The World Class recommends being proactive at breaking-down your problem. “The best way to rise above a stressful situation or rise above problems is to compartmentalize. Rather than looking at the big picture and getting bogged down in the details, the act of compartmentalization is breaking down the task into smaller, more manageable steps. When you focus your attention on one of these small tasks at a time, it’s going to feel a lot more doable than looking at the big picture, and you’re going to feel more confident and less stressed.

Learn To Accept: Kimberly Hershenson is an Clinical Social Worker & Therapist at RevitaLife Therapy in New York City . To help you manage stress better, she recommends that you “Make a list of what you can control in the situation (such as your reaction, how hard you work, etc.) and what you can’t control (like other peoples’ behaviors and reactions, etc.). Focus on what you can control to make change and accept what you cannot control.”

Just Breathe: Joshua Uebergang is a Life Coach & Founder of Tower of Power in Australia. As simple as it sounds, whenever you get stressed-out, remember to breathe. He says, “When tension in your body rises, you automatically take shallow breathes. This is one of the first stages prior to full fight, flight, or freeze responses that hurt effective communication. When your stress levels rise, take several deep, slow breathes and you will instantly become more calm. Take 5 seconds to inhale then 10 seconds to exhale. The longer exhalation will provoke your parasympathetic nervous system to relax you.”

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