People often set new goals (or resolutions) at the beginning of a New Year. But, setting and achieving goals should be something we do throughout the year, if we want to continue to grow and evolve. Whether you do a #MondayMotivation mantra or establish a weekly to-do list, creating personal and professionals goals helps you envision your future and work toward accomplishments.

Even when you’re moving along through life, feeling like you’re on the road to accomplishment, it’s human nature to experience moments of doubt or uncertainty creep in. While these fleeting moments can certainly feel depressing or confusing, don’t despair. These thoughts don’t have to derail you from reaching your goals; they’re just bumps in the road that you need to go over. Fortunately, there are ways to get motivated and stay on track (even during times when you feel off-course).

5 Inspiring Ways To Help You Set and Achieve Your Goals

How To Set & Achieve Your Goals

To help you set and achieve your goals, today’s self-help guide features 5 inspiring ideas from Authors, Motivational Coaches & Speakers, and self-help experts.

1. Set A Manageable Goal and Hit It

Sara Plummer Barnard, a relationship & happiness consultant and the creator of Get HealthySexyHappy (from San Francisco, California) says, “Pick a small manageable goal that would make your life a little better and stick to your commitment. Nothing feels better than showing up for ourselves and doing what we say we are going to. It leads to confidence, happiness, and a replacement of fear with excitement.”

2. Count Your Accomplishments

Barnard goes on to say, “We are bombarded with images of where we lack. Practicing celebrating all of our wins trains our brain to be less anxious, kinder to ourselves, and releasing gapping rewarding brain chemicals.”

3. Create A Timeline

Brian Brandt, the CEO & Motivational Speaker at Core Insights in Tyler, Texas, suggests that “Having a vision for your year, or your next five years, gives one a sense of excitement and discovery. Understanding the trajectory of your life, and making decisions based on that course, often energizes people resulting in exponential success.”

5 Inspiring Ways To Help You Set and Achieve Your Goals

4. Learn To Let Go

While it’s helpful to set and strive for goals, sometimes life has different plans than we mapped out. Instead of having a melt-down when life throws you a curve ball, take a deep breath and let go. Sherica A. Matthews, an Author & Life Coach from Houston, Texas suggests that we “Stop trying to control everything and just let it flow. Learning to let go of control, learning to be flexible and realizing that the things you’re stressing about today really won’t matter tomorrow – eliminates all of the worry and stress in your life and allows more happiness and joy to come to you.”

5. Think Positively

While it may not be a determining factor on the goals we set, the way we think affects our emotions and our actions. That’s why it’s imperative to think positively, especially if we want to create good outcomes. Cara Maksimow, a licensed clinical social worker and author in Madison, New Jersey says, “What we focus on becomes our reality. When we spend our time listening to negative news stories or complaints, that tends to be what we see. When we adjust our focus to the good (in life), we open up our ability to see more and more good. Our brains notice what we consciously spend time on. (At the end of the day, ask) – What was the best part of the day? What did you accomplish? What are you grateful for?”

What will you do today to set and achieve your goals?

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