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Flavorful Foods That Fight Fat
Now that summer is here, most people are thinking about looking and feeling healthy and fit. While being physically active and eating healthy are two basic keys to staying in shape, knowing which foods actually help fight fat and make you feel fuller longer will help you achieve your fitness goals faster and easier. Who knew that eating the foods you love (like dark chocolate) can actually help you lose weight and feel great? Below are seven “naturally low-cal, filling foods” that will help you win the battle of the bulge. 
Eggs: Because of being a powerhouse protein source, eggs help build lean muscle mass in your body and will give you the stamina you  need to get through a busy day. Start your day off with eggs for breakfast, to help curb your appetite, feel full, and stay lean.
Dark Chocolate: Sometimes a little indulgence when the craving hits will prevent bigger binges later on. “According to research from the University of Copenhagen… compounds in chocolate slow down digestion and make you feel full longer.” (Source: Health Magazine, April 2010 Issue, page 62)
Pine Nuts: Because of their high linoleic acid content, Pine Nuts are considered a great, low-calorie alternative to other nuts. They help you feel full, are a good source of fat for your diet, and will even help slim your waistline.
Cheese: Goat cheese and feta are both great CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) sources that help “you feel full and burn more fat.” (Source: Health Magazine, April 2010 Issue, page 62)
Skim Milk: Not only is milk a good source of calcium (which strengthens bones), but the proteins in the milk make you feel more satisfied than other drinks, as they are digested differently in the body.  
Oranges: This high-fiber fruit is not only loaded with nutrient-rich vitamins (that help boost your immune system and stay healthy), but “were the highest-ranked fruit on the satiety index” according to Australian researchers (Source: Health Magazine, April 2010 Issue, page 62). Fiber also helps with digestion, thereby improving your body’s ability to process foods more efficiently and maintain higher energy levels.
Potatoes: These little spuds usually get a bad rap in the world of low-carb eaters, but are more filling that white bread, and the starch can actually help burn body fat. Some potatoes (like Sweet Potatoes) have an added benefit of Vitamin A, which is great for improving skin clarity as well.

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