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Our bodies are like machines – they were created with the capacity to function at an optimum level, but need to be properly maintained in order to achieve maximum performance. Healthy living encompasses proper nutrition, an active lifestyle, and taking care of one’s self.

In modern day America, we’re onslaught with fast foods, pesticides on our produce, alcohol abundance, and more. So it takes diligence and commitment to ensuring that we make the right choices when it comes to our health.

A few easy steps pertain to diet and supplementation. Focus on eating a well-balanced diet, rich in vegetables, greens, fruit, lean protein (chicken, fish, and meat, and seeds and nuts. Get your daily intake of vitamins (multi, B-100, C, D, Flax seed oil, and Omega) to help boost your immune system, maintain your figure, keep your energy level high and mood balanced. And exercise at least 3-5 times per week.

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