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I believe that one of the main reasons why we’re on Earth is to evolve. As we work on ourselves, improve ourselves, and learn to fulfill our potential, we not only find greater joy and deeper meaning in life, but we also help to inspire and help others too. By focusing on personal growth (in all areas of our lives), we empower ourselves to become the best version of who we innately are.

Personal growth has been a subject I’ve been studying for 20 years. From self-help and relationship advice to spirituality and success tips, here are 13 empowering authors, YouTubers, and speakers I find incredibly helpful. Whether you’re looking to improve your love life, manifest your dreams, grow your wealth, or become more spiritually-minded, these are some of the best experts I recommend following.

13 Authors, YouTubers and Speakers To Follow for Empowering Advice

Life, Spirituality & Personal Growth

From guided meditations and affirmations to spirituality and personal growth, below are 4 authors and speakers that I have followed for years. Their sage advice, wisdom, and teachings have helped me to develop my spiritual practice, which has been the foundation upon which I’ve built my life and belief system.

Gabrielle Bernstein: As the New York Times Best-selling author of several books including The Universe Has Your BackJudgment Detox, and Super Attractor, Gabrielle Bernstein is the self-proclaimed “Spirit Junkie” next door that encourages all of her readers and followers to find their joy in life. Her mission is to help you “crack open to a spiritual relationship of your own understanding so that you can live in alignment with your true purpose”.

Deepak Chopra: As a world-renowned leader in alternative medicine and wellness practices, Deepak Chopra is regarded as one of the experts on spirituality and personal growth. He offers live events, guided meditations, online courses, and a range of wellness-based products designed to improve your well-being. He even partnered with Oprah Winfrey to create a free 21-day guided meditation (in his app) called “Hope in Uncertain Times”.

Sanaya Roman: As an author of several spiritual books, Sanaya Roman offers helpful advice for highly sensitive people (otherwise known as “empaths”). Whether you’re looking to raise your vibration, heal emotional pain, or live with joy, her books offer gentle and encouraging guidance founded upon New Age spiritual beliefs and practices.

Eckhart Tolle: As a spiritual teacher and best-selling author of The Power of Now and A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, in 2008, The New York Times called Eckhart Tolle “the most popular spiritual author in the United States”. His books discuss ways we can rise above the fragility of our ego by accessing our true power in the present moment. He focuses on topics such as conscious manifestation and enlightenment.

13 Authors, YouTubers and Speakers To Follow for Empowering Advice

Love & Relationships

When it comes to personal relationships, romance, or committed partnerships, these are areas that many of us find both challenging and rewarding. To help us improve our communication with others, enhance our relationships, and bring us more love, here are three relationship experts I have enjoyed learning from over the years.

John Gray, Ph.D.: As the globally-renowned author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, John Gray is one of the most notable relationship counselors on the planet. He offers profound advice on how men and women think differently and provide guidance on ways we can learn to better understand our partners. His popular “rubber band theory”, as an example, explains how men sometimes have the innate need to pull away from their partner to regain their autonomy. While this experience is often a source of contention for their female partners (who wonder if something is wrong), by explaining that this need to escape to his man cave is normal behavior, he helps women better understand how to react in these moments.

Gary Chapman, Ph.D.: If you have ever felt unloved in a relationship, perhaps the reason is that your partner does not know your love language. As the author of the best-selling book 5 Love Languages, he provides insight into the various ways that we give and receive love. He discusses 5 primary love languages: Words of Affirmation, Affection & Physical Touch, Quality Time, Acts of Service, and Gifts. Part of how we learn to give and receive love stems from our early childhood experiences and by watching our parents interact. By learning how you prefer to give and receive love, and discovering these preferences in your partner, you can work towards creating a happier, more fulfilling romantic relationship with your loved one.

Mark Rosenfeld: Australian dating coach for women, Mark Rosenfeld offers straight-forward advice about love, relationships, and dating via his popular YouTube channel. From topics like online dating and texting, tips on how to feel more self-confident on a date, and even advice on how to better understand why men act a certain way in relationships, he offers practical guidance for women who want to find love.

13 Authors, YouTubers and Speakers To Follow for Empowering Advice

Money & Success

Whether you want to create your dream career, build a thriving business, learn personal finance and investment tips, or become a master of wealth creation, here are three money and success experts to follow.

David Bach: As an American financial author, speaker, and entrepreneur, David Bach is best known for best-selling Finish Rich book series and the Automatic Millionaire book series. If you’ve ever heard about the “Latté Factor” (which shows that investing the $5/day that you otherwise would spend at a coffee shop, you can exponentially grow your wealth), this concept was originated by him. He offers outstanding personal finance and investment tips in his books, which empower you to save and invest your money wisely. One of my favorite books from his is called Smart Women Finish Rich, which has sold over 1 million copies.

Suze Orman: As a financial advisor, author, and podcast host, Suze Orman is one of the top female personal finance experts in America. For 13-years, she even hosted “The Suze Orman Show” on CNBC. From topics like handling credit card debt, learning how to invest, and even tips on retirement planning, student loans, and more, Suze’s books, podcasts, and online programs offer a wealth of resources and information. One of the first books I read from her in my 20’s was called The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke, which inspired me to open up my Roth IRA investment account.

Tony Robbins: While he’s most notably known as a Life & Motivational Coach and Speaker, Tony Robbins has also written about personal finances in his book Money: Master The Game. Incorporating extensive research and personal interviews with over 50 leading financial experts, this helpful book provides a step-by-step guide to increasing your income, generating wealth, and planning your financial future. Because of this book, it inspired me to hire one of the top fiduciary financial planning firms he recommended in the book, which has proven to be beneficial to my portfolio of investments.

13 Authors, YouTubers and Speakers To Follow for Empowering Advice

Manifesting Your Dreams

To help you live the life you’ve dreamed of, the term manifesting has become a popular subject in New Age discussions. Essentially, it’s the belief that we are co-creators of our destiny, working with The Universe (or God) to attract into our lives the things and experiences our heart truly desires. To help you learn the keys to manifesting, here are three experts in this area.

Louise Hay: As one of the most profound American motivational authors to focus on subjects about manifestation, she was also the founder of Hay House, a leading publisher of self-help and spirituality books. She authored several New Age self-help books, including the book, You Can Heal Your Life. As a big believer in positive daily affirmations, her website shares her guided meditations and mantras that you can follow.

Rhonda Byrne: If you’ve heard about the “Law of Attraction”, you have probably heard of or seen the popular documentary film called “The Secret” (which was based on the best-selling book, The Secret). Created by Australian author, Rhonda Byrne, she has written several books about this concept, which is one of the keys to manifesting a life that you desire.

Dr. Wayne Dyer: As an internationally-recognized self-development author and speaker, Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote 40 books, including one called Manifest Your Destiny: The Nine Spiritual Principles for Getting Everything You Want. The premise of this book is about using the power of intention to manifest your desires.

For more inspiring and empowering books, check out this guide on I&C.

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