Paint Nite - A Fun Date Night That Inspires Creativity

If you and your honey are stuck in a rut when it comes to date night ideas, then it’s time to shake things up and get creative. Forget going to the movies, skip the expensive dinners, and nix the day trips to the museum; head to Paint Nite instead!

When you want to plan a casual, fun date night, here’s why Paint Nite is a creative and inspiring activity-oriented date you’ll both love and enjoy.

What is Paint Nite?

After attending a friend’s unique and fun-filled birthday party at a painting studio, Dan Hermann and Sean McGrail were inspired to create Paint Nite, events that enable you to “paint and sip”.

“They loved the idea of people not only being able to connect over drinks but also embrace their inner artists and unleash their creativity. Dan and Sean also wanted to support local talented artists and small businesses by providing them a unique opportunity to teach and host Paint Nite events.”

Paint Nite - A Fun Date Night That Inspires Creativity

“Dan and Sean started reaching out to local bars, restaurants, and artists in Somerville, MA and their idea quickly took off. Local business owners and artists garnered new business and people loved having fun over drinks while painting.”

Since launching in 2012, Paint Nite has rapidly grown and gained a following of thousands of art enthusiasts. “Events are now hosted around the globe and the Somerville office is quickly expanding. From Boston to Johannesburg, London to Buenos Aires, people love to paint, drink, and socialize.”

Paint Nite - A Fun Date Night That Inspires Creativity

What makes Paint Nite different than a traditional art class is that it was designed to be a fun, interactive experience without pressure or stress. Whether you’re a novice artist or a seasoned painter, each Paint Nite event will encourage you to unleash your creative potential and learn new painting techniques.

Paint Nite - A Fun Date Night That Inspires Creativity

Since Paint Nite events are hosted at local bars and restaurants, why not share a bottle of wine or Champagne with your beau?! To help you both relax and release your inhibitions, take a sip of bubbly before getting started on your masterpiece.

Paint Nite - A Fun Date Night That Inspires Creativity

Not only is Paint Nite a perfect way to spend quality time with your sweetheart, it’s also a unique and enjoyable activity to do with friends, colleagues, and organizations.

Whether you gather your gal pals together for a special occasion (like a birthday or bridal shower), put together a group of co-workers for a company retreat, or round-up the members of the organization you belong to, Paint Nite is a casual, stress-free way to socialize and have fun with other people.

In addition to hosting regular public events, Paint Nite also offers private events, which are great for family reunions, corporate gatherings, or special celebrations.

Paint Nite - A Fun Date Night That Inspires Creativity

Paint Nite hosts not only provide you with the materials (canvas, easel, paint brushes, water, and palette of paint) you need, they also give you a copy of the painting that will be your source of inspiration for the evening.

Paint Nite - A Fun Date Night That Inspires Creativity

Throughout the event, these trained artists guide the attendees with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorial, demonstrating each technique to use to create the painting. In addition, the Paint Nite hosts work with each student, sharing tips and suggestions for ways they can improve their painting.

Paint Nite - A Fun Date Night That Inspires Creativity

Since art is a wonderful way to express your creativity and inner vision, the Paint Nite hosts continually remind you that art is a fun experience, and that you should not compare yourself to others. Even though the class focuses on one type of painting that evening, each attendee’s painting is unique and special in its own way, as people have different interpretations of the same design.

Paint Nite - A Fun Date Night That Inspires Creativity

To help you unleash your inner artist, Paint Nite is offering the Inspirations & Celebrations’ readers 45% OFF by using promo code: INSPO45. Find a Paint Nite event near you by visiting

Whether you just want to plan a fun date night with your significant other, or you’re looking for an activity that you can share with your friends, Paint Nite is definitely a rewarding and memorable experience that everyone can enjoy.

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[Disclosure: Complimentary activity provided to Inspirations & Celebrations for the purpose of this review. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.]

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