Getting into shape and maintaining your physical health not only helps you look your best (which boosts your self-confidence), it enables you to enjoy a wide variety of activities and hobbies. Improving your physical well-being and increasing your amount of exercise shouldn’t be considered a short-term approach to losing weight or getting thin. Instead, it should be viewed as a long-term strategy to leading a well-balanced, active lifestyle.

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1. Your life will be easier

Do you constantly find yourself tired by midday? Does your job seem far too demanding? This is because you don’t have adequate amounts of energy, which can be remedied by simply spending half an hour jogging each night.

2. You’ll see your kids grow up

I once heard a parent say “the worst thing that could possibly happen would be for my kids to die before me”. While this would be terrible, you can pretty much guarantee that won’t happen to you considering your current exercise routine (or more accurately, the lack of it), but that’s not how you should look at this situation. Everyone wants to see their children reach maturity, so get on that bike ASAP.

3. You’ll become more attractive to the opposite sex

Let’s face it, if you feel good, you look good as you radiate positive energy. This aura makes you more attractive to others and exercising and getting in shape will almost certainly help you achieve this. Also, activities like this tend to give your skin a healthy glow, which also adds to your appeal.

4. You’ll spend less time in hospital

Even if you live into your 70s as a non-exerciser, you’ll spend a considerably longer time in hospitals than your fit friends. This is no fun. Stopping smoking could also limit the time you spend in medical care. Even if you continue to inhale nicotine through the use of an electronic device like those on offer from 10 Motives, you’ll refrain from damaging your health quite as badly.

5. You’ll be a happier person

I’m not suggesting that sitting around makes you unhappy, but all the hassle you have to go through these days can have a negative effect on your mood. Getting out of the house and doing some vigorous exercise will mean leaving all your troubles behind for a few hours and clearing your mind.

Getting fit and healthy makes sense when you take all of the above into consideration. Sure it’s hard to get motivated to start, but I promise it gets easier with time. Just keep at it, persistence is key.

Well guys, I wish you the best of luck getting fit, and hope to see you smoke-free by this time next year. Just remember, there’s a lot of help out there these days, so even if you have to pay extra for a personal trainer at the gym, you won’t regret it.

Good luck with improving your health. Here’s to a healthier, fitter and more fun 2014!

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