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Summer Beauty Trend - Coral Make-up
Now that summer has unofficially begun, it’s time to update your makeup with a fresh new look. A popular and pretty summer beauty trend this year is coral make-up. The reason why this make-up trend is taking over is because it’s easy to wear, doesn’t require a background in make-up artistry, and is flattering for all skin-tones. Here are tips on how to wear coral make-up.

Summer Beauty Trend – Coral Make-up

Coral Eye Make-up

To avoid looking like you have pink eye, simply dust a light sweep of coral hued eye shadow across your eyelids. Ideally the coral eye make-up you use would have a hint of shimmer, so that it acts as a warm-toned highlighter, to reflect light. This brings attention to your eyes in a beautiful, soft way. You can also use an eyeshadow palette to incorporate neutral shades (such as cocoa, ivory, and dark brown) to create a dimensional effect.

Coral Lip Make-up

Whether you prefer rich, creamy lipstick or a lip balm with a hint of color, there’s something for everyone nowadays. From lip stains (which create a more naturally-embellished look), or shiny lipgloss (for a more dramatic look), coral lip make-up is a fun and modern way to add vibrant color to your face without looking like a clown.

Coral Face Make-up

If your skin gets darker during summer months (and as all you smart women know – it better be a faux-tan), nothing complements tan skin like coral face make-up. You can use anything from coral hued bronzers (to impart a bit of sheen) to coral colored cheek tints (for a rosy glow).

The best part about coral make-up is that it flatters virtually every shade of skin – whether you are fair-skinned or dark-skinned. Coral make-up adds a gorgeous warmth to the face, which plays up your natural beauty.

Once you give this summer beauty trend a try, you’ll be hooked.

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  1. So I think Coral Makeup is great for summer! It is soft and gives that perfect blush color and goes with the bright summer atmosphere. It also isn’t terribly overwhelming as a makeup color. And it’s almost a neutral color so that it goes with a variety of colors!

  2. Thanks Christiana for sharing your views. This post really helpful in this summer for many fashion trendy people. The coral make up really helps to reduce the skin tones.

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