I always love to entertain during the holidays. But with such a busy schedule, it’s challenging to find time to create home-made desserts that my guests will rave about.
Today’s session is about using icing to decorate cookies in a whimsical star-pattern. This is a quick and easy way to prepare festive desserts for a holiday party or celebration.


  • 1 Box of Icing Color (Wilton)
  • 1 Tub of Decorator Icing (Wilton)
  • 1 Decorators Basics Kit, includes Icing Bags and Tip # 16 (Wilton)
  • 1 Damp Washcloth
  • 1 Knife or Spatula
First start by using a knife or spatula to completely cover the cookies in white icing.
Using a few drops of the yellow icing color, mix with the batch of white icing to create a soft yellow tone. Then fill one of the icing bags (found in the Decorators Kit) with an ample amount of the yellow icing. To create star-shaped effect, attach Tip # 16 to the icing bag. Holding firmly with your hand, angle the tip directly on top of the cookie in a vertical angle. Squeeze the bag, and after the icing comes out, gently pull the bag away. The tip will create a perfect star-shape. Continue this method to completely cover each cookie with miniature stars, creating an overall starry night effect.

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