Hailing from China and Australia to Canada and New York, we saw a wide range of Spring/Summer 2019 collections presented by fashion designers around the globe at the recent New York Fashion Week runway shows in early September. 

Last week in Part 1 of the NYFW Style Series on Inspirations & Celebrations, we shared gorgeous evening wear collections that you’ll definitely want. In Part 2, we show you chic contemporary womenswear collections that range from sporty and sexy to elegant and sophisticated. 

NYFW Style Series: SS19 Contemporary Womenswear Collections

From dreamy silhouettes and frothy tulle fabrics to powerful menswear-inspired separates and dramatic vibrant hues, the Spring/Summer 2019 contemporary womenswear collections that were presented at NYFW excited audiences and captured their attention.

NYFW Style Series - Contemporary Womenswear - Nonie

NYFW SS19 Collection: Carlton Jones

As featured below, for the Spring/Summer 2019 collection, fashion designer Carlton Jones celebrates the cross-pollination of global terrains. Presented as part of the Global Fashion Collective’s set of runway shows at Pier59 Studios, this NYC-based designer is known for luxurious designs, feminine silhouettes, and sumptuous fabrics.

“Fresh Eastern silhouettes on beautiful natural fibers, morph abstract vertebrae into chic animal print reminiscent of an African safari. For evening, a sumptuous combination of silk and sequins shimmer in earthy tones of sand, transporting you to the most glamorous dessert nights. With a sprinkle of clever color-blocking and a remix of the best sellers, Spring 2019 defines Jones’ resort-inspired approach of red carpet poolside, by catering to all the moments in between.”

Jones’ wearable designs have been seen on Queen Latifah, Erykah Badu, Halle Berry, and other celebrities.

NYFW Style Series - Contemporary Womenswear - Carlton Jones NYFW Style Series - Contemporary Womenswear - Carlton Jones  

NYFW SS19 Collection: Kirsten Ley 

Entitled MITØSIS, Kirsten Ley’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection made a powerful and dramatic statement at the Global Fashion Collective runway show.

“Delivering her signature style of hand-gathered chiffon, billowing silks and structural leather in the color palette of the human circulatory system, Ley brings Caravaggio’s deep reds and sinewy fabrics to life. Oxygenated crimsons, rich dark blues and bone chronicle the intensely personal theme for which the collection is named: the division of self, and conscious choice to leave one version in the past while moving forward with the new version.

Ley’s exquisite couture pieces exhibit the immaculate detail of Late Victorian anatomy diagrams and 1920’s socialite fashion harkening F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and the Damned. Silhouettes mimic the sharp lines of Parisian architecture in the evening sun and the romance of Belle Époque Paris. MITØSIS makes the microscopic life-sized in this truly original, intimate collection.”

NYFW Style Series - Contemporary Womenswear - Kirsten Ley NYFW Style Series - Contemporary Womenswear - Kirsten Ley NYFW Style Series - Contemporary Womenswear - Kirsten Ley

NYFW SS19 Collection: XY

Chinese brand XY wowed the NYFW audience at its SS19 runway show with vibrant colors, intricate craftsmanship, and dramatic artistry. As shared by the Global Fashion Group (that hosted the NYFW runway presentation), “Inspired by ethnic Chinese cultures with a focus on the Miao people, designer Han Zhang fused tradition with modernity using Chinese embroidery and contemporary fashion silhouettes. A selective palette of black, accent red, and green reigns throughout in sumptuous silks and textured tulle.”

NYFW Style Series - Contemporary Womenswear - XY Fashion

NYFW Style Series - Contemporary Womenswear - XY Fashion

NYFW SS19 Collection: Jessture

“Founded in New York, Jessture is a contemporary casual womenswear brand pioneered by entrepreneur and designer Jessica Hu. The motivation behind the brand was sparked by a desire to introduce simple, comfortable and chic clothing to the modern day woman. You are the person who defines your own personalities and styles. It doesn’t matter what you wear, all that matters is who you are.”

As part of the Oxford Fashion Studio NYFW runway presentation, the Jessture Spring/Summer 2019 Collection combined figure-flattering silhouettes with menswear-inspired elements and powerful prints. From avant-garde asymmetrical cuts to easy-to-wear fabrics, the collection made a strong statement.

NYFW Style Series - Contemporary Womenswear - Jessture

NYFW Style Series - Contemporary Womenswear - Jessture

NYFW SS19 Collection: Niki Srinivasa

“Feminine, inclusive, and classic” are the words that Southern California-based fashion designer Niki Srinivasa uses to describe her sweet Spring/Summer 2019 collection. She says, “I’m on a mission to positively impact the fashion industry. The core of my brand is truly creating… clothes that are made to fit every woman. To me, style should have no number, and that is at the very center of my motivation and design vision. Every single piece is handmade and so every piece is unique and special, just like the person who wears them.”

From colors like sugary pastel pinks and airy creams to whimsical touches (like satiny ribbon belts tied into girly bows), the collection is designed for ultra-feminine women who love romance. Incorporating materials such as tweed, four-ply silk, cotton sateen, and leather, this wearable collection is an understated approach to modern dressing.

NYFW Style Series - Contemporary Womenswear - Niki Srinivasa NYFW Style Series - Contemporary Womenswear - Niki Srinivasa NYFW Style Series - Contemporary Womenswear - Niki Srinivasa

NYFW SS19 Collection: Nonie

Created by award-winning Canadian fashion designer, Nina Kharey, the bold and sensual NONIE Spring/Summer 2019 Collection captured the attention of tastemakers and trendsetters at its first-ever NYFW runway show at Industria NYC. “The collections are made with a tailored and refined aesthetic, with a twist of Eastern inspiration that is at the heart of the founder.”

This contemporary line of elegant, handmade dresses, coats, pants, and blouses was designed for self-confident, modern women who enjoy embracing their sexuality, strength, and inner power. The inspiration behind her SS19 collection “comes from the devotional music of the Sufis. The flowing and gathering of the silk correlate with the ebbs and flows of his voice and music.”

NYFW Style Series - Contemporary Womenswear - Nonie

One of the show attendees, Zoe Bright (a lifestyle blogger from Washington, D.C.) says, “Nonie is chic, inspirational, and elegant with a perfect touch of femininity – a breathtaking combination.”

NYFW Style Series - Contemporary Womenswear - Nonie

NYFW Style Series - Contemporary Womenswear - Nonie

Front row attendee (pictured above), Alla Kostromichova (Owner of K Models) exclaims, “My favorite part of the collection were pieces with front pleats like the black dress and red skirt. I am sure it will look amazing on any type of body shape. I love how visually it makes the silhouette longer. The red shade in the collection is so attractive. Robe over the dress gives a feeling of luxury home-wear turned into evening pieces, the next step of couture pajama fashion. I absolutely loved that look.”

NYFW Style Series - Contemporary Womenswear - Nonie

NYFW SS19 Collection: Ozlana

As described by NYFW: The Show, Australian fashion house OZLANA “represents a new category of street couture, fusing delicate details and elaborate craftsmanship with trendy streetwear.” The brand is “devoted to the sustainability of artisan techniques, the collections show quality fabrication with eclectic and contemporary embellishments. Fun and playful garments feature experimental textiles, youthful silhouettes, and beaded accessories. Mixing a cool and edgy feel with the charm of romantic couture, the brand is known to be one of the most loved Australian fashion brands among the Asian Market, with many famous Chinese celebrities and international fashion figures counting OZLANA in their wardrobe.”

For the Spring/Summer 2019 Collection runway show, the audience was magically whisked away to a dream realm upon entering the Pier59 Studio set. Featuring a set created out of hanging fluffy white clouds, and a runway decorated with dried wildflowers and pampas grass, with soft fur overlays, we were transported to a serene and whimsical faraway land once the sounds of chirping birds and natural elements began to fill the air.

Invoking the imagination even further, the artfully-painted models strutted down the runway dressed in frothy pastel hues, lush fur vests, and tactical boots. The all-seasons SS19 collection (entitled DREAM STILL____ ) was an idealistic display of feminine-inspired elements, like playful floral prints and sumptuous fabrics. 

NYFW Style Series - Contemporary Womenswear - Ozlana NYFW Style Series - Contemporary Womenswear - Ozlana NYFW Style Series - Contemporary Womenswear - Ozlana

NYFW SS19 Collection: Why Mary

From bold two-piece, racer-inspired separates and body-con t-shirt dresses to relaxed palazzo pants and figure-grazing jumpsuits, the eye-catching Why Mary Spring/Summer 2019 Collection is a fun mix of powerful pieces for modern women. As part of the Oxford Fashion Studio’s SS19 presentation, this Australian label turned up the heat at its NYFW runway show at Pier59 Studios.

“Why Mary was established on the Gold Coast by owner and designer, Janette Laver and is known for its fusion of artistic fabric choice and casual, easy wear style. Signature designs include minimal silhouettes complimenting bold digital prints (often using photography or art) giving the brand a unique creative edge that appeals to independent women who desire to dress with a difference. Quality and attention to detail are important aspects in the manufacturing process as well as reduction of waste and recycling materials where possible.”

NYFW Style Series - Contemporary Womenswear - WhyMary NYFW Style Series - Contemporary Womenswear - WhyMary NYFW Style Series - Contemporary Womenswear - WhyMary

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