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This post was sponsored by Lowe’s as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Celebrate Halloween this year by bringing a little ghoulish glamour into your home for All Hallow’s Eve.

From dramatic mood lighting and chic DIY metallic pumpkins to a striking gothic chandelier and eerie candlelit corners, it’s easy to transform your home into a bewitching space.

In collaboration with Lowe’s, today’s Halloween Home Decor Guide shares inspiring ideas to make your home look ultra-spooktacular. From easy-to-install ambient lighting (with mood-changing colors) to illuminating decor that adds a sultry vibe, Lowe’s carries the essentials needed for a hauntingly haute home.


Bring Vintage Finds Back To Life

For an authentic yet spookingly-stylish space, play-off the eerie vibe of vintage-looking pieces.

  • An old radio player and aging wine bottles look extra spooky with spider webs and creepy-crawlers.
  • A lantern candle holder adds an old world touch when lit up with a warm-hued LED candle.
  • Old newspaper clippings displayed in a wall-mounted black picture frame adds a nostalgic element.
  • A dramatic black jeweled chandelier adds a mischievous boudoir vibe to any room (even the kitchen!).

Mood Lighting

For the living room, up the spook factor of the space with illuminated bookshelves. Historic books, flea market antiques, and reflective candles look right at home on any bookshelf.

To add to your Halloween home decor, color-changing under-cabinet LED lighting is the finishing touch. For a dramatic accent, change the light color to a bloodcurdling red.

Haunting mood lighting casts a bewitching glow on the walls, creating a hypnotic ambiance.

Ghoulishly Glamorous Halloween Home Decor Ideas

DIY Metallic Modern Art Pumpkins

To make the pumpkins look magical, we did a spin on a DIY Metallic Pumpkin Project we love.

  1. Cover mini pumpkins with metallic gold spray paint and black spray paint.
  2. Using your fingers or a paintbrush, dust the top of the black-painted pumpkin with gold foil flecks.
  3. To create a modern art look, place the black pumpkin on top of the gold pumpkin. To secure the pumpkins to each other, wedge a heavy-duty toothpick in between them. 

With just a few simple updates to your home, you can completely change the mood and look of your space. To celebrate the mystical vibe that Halloween gives off, we dare you to have a little fun this year with haute Halloween decor.


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