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If you’ve ever wished you had an at-home beauty consultant to assess your skincare needs on a daily basis, then the innovative HiMirror Plus beauty device will soon become your favorite new expert.

This revolutionary high-tech beauty device was developed to virtually analyze your skin, provide skincare tips and advice, and enable you to create a personalized skincare routine that improves your skin.

HiMirror - At-Home Beauty Technology That Analyzes Your Skin

The HiMirror Plus can be perched up on your vanity, or mounted on a mirror or wall. The packaging includes mountable hardware and installation instructions, in addition to online videos that show how to set-up the device. After installing the device in your home, download the HiMirror smartphone app. This will enable you to sync your phone with the device via a QR-code. 

HiMirror - At-Home Beauty Technology That Analyzes Your Skin

HiMirror Plus utilizes face recognition software to register your face (for your personal profile), and to regularly analyze your skin (based on a variety of factors – pores, dark circles, wrinkles, etc.). 

HiMirror is a two-in-one mirror + virtual beauty consultant. The mirror comes with an HD camera that takes high-quality pictures of your face and analyzes the images to detect any concerns such as pores, dark spots, redness, dark circles, fine lines, etc. Based on your concerns it will then suggest skincare products to use to improve the appearance of your skin. Users can add the beauty products they own into the system through the My Beauty Box feature, and HiMirror can create a beauty routine based on them.

HiMirror - At-Home Beauty Technology That Analyzes Your Skin

HiMirror securely records all the information every time you analyze your skin, so it can keep track of progress, allowing you to evaluate how well your skincare products are working. 

HiMirror - At-Home Beauty Technology That Analyzes Your Skin

In addition to skincare analysis tools, the system also comes with built-in preset lighting options, ranging from outdoor sunny days to indoor office lighting. This makes it a convenient and handy tool when applying makeup. 

HiMirror - At-Home Beauty Technology That Analyzes Your Skin

Whether you want to improve the texture of your skin, minimize the appearance of wrinkles, or boost your radiance, the HiMirror Plus beauty device can help you beautify your skin. To learn more about this device, and their line of high-tech beauty and health tools, visit their website. To get 5% OFF your order, use code JELYR.

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