Since International Garnacha Day is coming up on September 16th, it’s a perfect excuse to invite your friends and family over this week for a dinner party inspired by the romantic culture of Spain.

From delectable Spanish-inspired cuisine to colorful, festive decorations, today’s entertaining guide shares ideas on how to celebrate International Garnacha Day. When you think of Spain, you probably envision images of passionate flamenco dancers dressed in dramatic red gowns, sipping Spanish Wine while being serenaded by guitarist, and eating scrumptious dishes like Paella. Today’s entertaining guide brings you classic Spanish-inspired ideas, including refreshing food and wine pairings that are bursting with flavor.

Celebrate International Garnacha Day with a Dinner Party Inspired by Spain

To set the stage for a romantic Spanish-inspired dinner party on International Garnacha Day, let’s start with the essentials of any good dinner party: Food & Wine.

Why Your Guests Will Love Garnacha Wines

What makes Garnacha Wine so versatile is that you can serve an entire meal with different wine varietals: a rosé as an aperitif, a white with the starter, a red with the main course, a red or fortified red to accompany cheese, then wind things up with a fortified white for dessert.

One of the world’s oldest and most widely planted wine grapes, its main production is located in eastern Spain (the original birthplace of the grape), southern France (where it is known as “Grenache”) and Italy. It is considered the quintessential Mediterranean grape, perfectly adapted to its climate and terroir.

These Spanish wines are not as expensive as some other styles of high-quality wines, making it the perfect wine to impress guests without breaking the bank. Its wide range of styles and aromas mean there is a Garnacha wine for any occasion or seasonal celebration. Since it comes in all styles, Garnacha wines can pair with anything, plus these flavorful wines please all types of palettes, making them a party-friendly wine to serve.

White Garnacha is known to be full-bodied and sweet; Red is lush and fruit-forward; and Rosé exudes intense aromas like strawberry flavors.

Celebrate International Garnacha Day with a Dinner Party Inspired by Spain

Foods That Pair with Garnacha Wines

Below are a few delicious food ideas that pair perfectly with Garnacha Wines.

  • Start by pairing White Wine with a traditional Seafood Paella (served in small bowls) as an appetizer.
  • For the main meal, pair Red Wine with a hearty Chile-Rubbed Flank Steak with White Polenta (like this recipe on Food & Wine magazine’s website).
  • For dessert, serve Fortified Grenache with dark chocolates, blue cheese, and roasted black fruits.

Celebrate International Garnacha Day with a Dinner Party Inspired by Spain

Dinner Party Decorations

To add a feeling of authenticity to your Spain-inspired dinner party, opt for bright, cheery linens and tablecloth. Opt for rustic wooden bowls and plates, mixed with antique china and silver flatware. Hang colorful paper decorations above your table, including a garland of flags and festive pom poms. Adorn your table with lit (unscented) candles perched in elegant silver candelabras, surrounded by an array of different sizes vases filled with fresh flowers.

Celebrate International Garnacha Day with a Dinner Party Inspired by Spain

Let’s Celebrate International Garnacha Day

Get in on the fun by uploading your celebratory photos on social media, using the hashtags #LoveGarnacha and #GarnachaDay. Plus, you can win prizes like a $35 swag bag (including bottle coolers, wine USBs, corkscrews and other goodies) by sharing your Garnacha Story on September 16th on the Wines of Garnacha Facebook page. Winners will receive a $35 value swag bag including bottle coolers, Wine USBs, corkscrews and other goodies!

To learn more about International Garnacha Day and to find a wine event near you, visit Wines of Garnacha.

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