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The Mane Attraction: The Best 2016 Hair Trends To Try

From face-flattering haircuts to beauty-boosting hair colors, celebrity hair stylists and experts share their thoughts on the best 2016 hair trends to try. When it comes to making your hair your crowning glory, getting the right haircut and style makes your mane attraction a spectacle worth looking at. To help you update your look, featured here are the ultimate 2016 hair trends that you should consider.

The Best 2016 Hair Trends To Try

As a master colorist and extension expert (who has styled hair for Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, LeAnn Rimes, Kristin Cavallari and many other top-tier clients), hair stylist Kacey Welch from the Jonathan & George Salon in Beverly Hills believes that two easy and effective ways to refresh your hair are through color and extensions.

She says, “I love creating a look that enhances my client’s natural beauty.” Below are some of her favorite 2016 hair trends this year. “If you’re going for a big change, definitely seek the help from a professional hair stylist. They can help you match the right color and tone for your skin and eye color and will prevent what could be a disastrous at-home experiment.”

2016 Hair Trends: Color

Blonde: “If you’re more of a summer tone gal, try a “bronde” (light natural brown) look or a creamy or honey blonde, like I did for Goldie Hawn or LeAnn Rimes. For a bold look, try platinum blonde.”

Ombre: “Balayage is a great new technique that’s trending this year, as it looks more sun-kissed.”

Brown: “Brunettes should definitely experiment with chocolate tones or try a deep brown or auburn with red undertones. The red tones will catch the warm sunshine so beautifully, even if it’s 2° out!”

Black: “If your hair is black try a black with warm brown undertones. Kim Kardashian has this color locked down. This color is super flattering on tan skin tones and is great for fall and winter. If you’re sick of brown, try black with blue tones!”

Red: “If you’re a redhead try a cinnamon or copper tone. These vibrant colors will look amazing all winter.”

Highlights: “Try babylights! These are great to add dimension without being too obvious that your hair is highlighted. It’s a great youthful look!”

2016 Hair Trends: Extensions

In addition to color, another one of Kacey’s favorite 2016 hair trends are extensions. Not only can extensions give you instant length, they can also add volume, color, and dimension to your hair.

“Extensions are another way for you to create a dramatic look and change things up. Imagine going from a lob in fall/winter to long textured waves within hours! This 70s inspired long, center-part, textured, layered hairstyle is trending and I absolutely love it. It’s the perfect canvas to curl, straighten, blow out or even create a beachy look in summer. And, despite the rumors – when done properly, extensions can be totally safe and will even begin to feel like your natural hair. My method, or the “Kacey Welch Method,” is the perfect example of this technique. I use top quality human hair and carefully match the texture and tone of my client’s natural hair and carefully blend the cut for a natural full-length or voluminous look!”

2016 Hair Trends: Hair Accessories

Fernando Salas, creator of White Sands Haircare (based in Laguna Niguel, California), says that hair accessories are one of the best 2016 hair trends this year. Not only are hair accessories a way to add glamour, drama, or a statement to your style, they can quickly and effortlessly change up an outfit or look without making a commitment to a particular haircut or color.

Fernando exclaims, “I feel hair accessories will be even bigger in 2016. When you see what is popping up on Instagram (glitter roots or say gold leaf hair), it is a spin off on an accessory. We will be gravitating towards even more hair jewelry, foiling and statement pieces. The perk? It is an easy way to try a trend without it being a permanent change.”

2016 Hair Styles: The Illusion Bob

When it comes to must-have hair styles this year, Fernando goes on to say, “The illusion bob is definitely another trend. Think ‘Gigi Hadid at the American Music Awards’, but you do not need a wig to copy it. It’s easy to change your look by adjusting the length of your hair with just a few bobby pins. Start with small sections at the nape area and tuck them under to achieve a shorter look, securing by using pins. Work your way to the front and voila. You have a faux bob; no scissors needed.”

As you can see, there are a number of ways to update and refresh your hairstyle this year. From accessories and styling techniques to hair color and extensions, the next time you book a salon visit, ask your hair stylist about which 2016 hair trends would look best on you.

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