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How To Choose A Sofa

From wood to chrome and wool to velvet, there are so many sofa options to choose from. Since sofas are often an expensive piece of furniture, it’s advisable to look at your couch as an investment in your home. Thereby, it definitely pays to be selective when shopping for a new sofa, and to make a wise decision relative to this big expenditure.

Featured in this edition of Interior Inspirations are top tips that teach you how to choose a sofa for your home that not only works for your lifestyle, but also suits your budget and decor style.

Top Tips For Choosing A Sofa

When you are shopping for a new sofa, there are 5 key factors to consider.

1. The first question you need to think about is, will the sofa be put in a Family Room (that gets a considerable amount of use and traffic)? Or will it be in a formal Living Room (that is occasionally used for entertaining)? This will help you determine if durability (relative to material choice) is a priority. Materials such as leather and pre-treated microfiber will be more durable, meaning they can withstand more use (and abuse) than other more delicate materials (such as linen or sumptuous velvet), which are best kept for sofas that are used infrequently (and more for show).

How To Choose A Sofa - Linen Sofa

2. Do you have children or pets? This can pose a challenge, as they are usually more rambunctious around furniture and can more easily damage these pieces (by jumping on the sofa, or spilling food or beverages). In this case, it’s best to opt for a sofa that is created from a clean-able material (such as leather), with a very sturdy frame (like wood or metal).

How To Choose A Sofa - Wood Sofa

3. What type of climate do you live in? If your home is located in a place like Lake Tahoe or Minnesota, which gets very cold and snowy during the winter, you will want to choose a sofa made from a material (such as wool or velvet) that can keep you warm and cozy. Whereas, a warmer climate (such as Miami), would be best suited for a lightweight material (such as linen) that stays cool, even when the temperatures heat up.

How To Choose A Sofa - Wool Sofa

4. One of the most important aspects of choosing a sofa is to find a piece that visually coordinates with your home’s decor theme and complements the other pieces of furniture in the space. Is your home contemporary looking or more traditional? These factors should be taken into consideration when selecting a sofa design, as some are more modern (with chrome finishes), whereas others have classic lines and details (such as brass nail heads).

How To Choose A Sofa - Velvet Sofa

5. In addition to providing everyday seating, couches can also double as sleeping accommodations for a visitor. Futons and pull-out beds are great for offering your guests a place to sleep, as they don’t require an additional guest room or extra space. These options are perfect if you are limited on space in your home, and have occasional guests visiting you.

How To Choose A Sofa - Leather Sofa

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