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Jockey  Skimmies ® Slipshorts

Jockey Skimmies ® are the must-have wardrobe essential that every woman needs to look fabulous, feel confident, and be comfortable. Jockey Skimmies ® are lightweight, seamfree ® slip shorts that you wear underneath your apparel.

You’ve probably seen recent advertisements featuring celebrity stylist and fashion icon, Rachel Zoe (creator of The Zoe Report), endorsing the Skimmies ® Collection in which she exclaims that “Jockey Skimmies ® slipshorts smooth like a slip and cover like shorts”. Having worked with Hollywood actresses and top models, Rachel Zoe definitely knows the secrets to helping women look even more beautiful. That’s why she loves the Jockey Skimmies ® Collection.

What Are Jockey Skimmies ®?

Whether you’re wearing a slinky, form-fitting dress (in a jersey or silk fabric) or a flowy skirt in a sheer material (like chiffon), the Skimmies ® slipshorts are the perfect undergarment to help you feel more confident in virtually any outfit you put on.

The flexible, stretchable material (which doesn’t feel binding or restrictive) makes it easy to wear Skimmies ® slipshorts from day to night, no matter what activity you’re doing. That’s not all! The seam-free design makes the Skimmies ® slipshorts virtually undetectable (so no one will know you’re wearing them), as they’re invisible underneath nearly all types of clothing (including body-grazing or light-colored fabrics).

Jockey Skimmies ® Video

Featured here is a video explaining why Jockey Skimmies ® are the most versatile and helpful collection of undergarments that you’ll enjoy adding to your closet. Plus I share practical suggestions about how they’ll help make you look and feel fabulous everyday (whether you’re being active on the weekends or staying busy during the work week).

If you’d love the chance to win a free pair of Jockey Skimmies ® slipshorts, enter the Jockey Seize The Day in Skimmies ® Contest. From May 27th through June 20th, Jockey is hosting a series of fun and fashionable daily challenges using the hashtag #SkimmiesPromo. By entering the contest, you’ll have the opportunity to win great prizes, including a pair of Skimmies ® slipshorts. For contest details and entry instructions, simply visit

[Image Credit: Jockey. Video Credit: Filmed and Edited by Presidential Technology.]

[Jockey ®, Skimmies ®, and seamfree ® are registered trademarks of Jockey.]

[Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Jockey Skimmies ® through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Jockey Skimmies ®, all opinions are my own.]

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