Diamond Shapes - Popular Shapes for Engagement or Wedding Rings

Mother Nature herself controls a stone’s clarity and color, but the final shape of the diamond is entirely the bride and groom’s choice.

The shape of a stone indicates its particular silhouette (for example, oval, round or marquise), while the cut refers to the way the steps and facets are cut into the diamond (cushion or princess).

These sparklers will last forever as a family heirloom, so you should select a classic and timeless shape that reflects the bride’s taste. Consider these popular shapes and cuts when choosing the perfect diamond ring for the one you love:

Popular Diamond Shapes

Round Stones

Round stones are the most popular cut for engagement rings because of their maximum sparkle and shine. The number of facets in a round stone and the precision in cutting increases the brilliancy of this traditional-shaped cut.

Oval Stones

Oval stones are the distant cousin of round stones with their oblong and elongated shapes. Standard oval cuts make a wonderful solitaire for small hands, as the stone will look much larger than a round stone of the same carat weight and color.

The Princess Cut

This glittering, square-shaped stone may have anywhere from 49 to 144 facets. Depending on the size of the stone, this shape works best with a center stone flanked by two or more stones.

The Marquise Cut

The marquise is an oval shaped stone with pointed ends. The oblong cut featuring 56 facets and pointed ends was reportedly created for the Marquise de Pompadour, who was Louis XV’s famous mistress. The stone’s flattering shape also slims and lengthens short fingers.

The Emerald Cut

The emerald cut is a boxy and sophisticated stone featuring square or rectangular-shaped corners. This 25-faceted cut is a favorite for large diamonds because of its glassy and sparkling sheen. To make the most of your purchase, you’ll want a stone with a high clarity grade and a long, clean surface.

The Cushion Cut

Also known as the candlelight diamond, the cushion is a mixture of the princess and round cuts. When worn on the finger, a cushion cut with large facets produces a soft glow and features a rectangle with rounded edges.

The Asscher Cut

Developed in the early 1900s by the Dutch-born Asscher brothers, this square-shaped diamond has step-cut sides and cropped corners. Similar to the cushion cut diamond, the unique facets in the stone creates a beautiful pattern popular in Art Deco diamond jewelry.

The Radiant Cut

A beautiful mixture of the round cut and the emerald shape, the radiant cut diamond has the brilliance and shine of a round diamond. The radiant cut’s design is similar to a princess cut and can range from rectangle to square.

The Pear Cut

The teardrop or pear cut has one rounded end and one pointed end that is reminiscent of a pear shape. Featuring 58 facets, this cut is popular with large diamonds and is a cross between a marquise and oval shape.

The Heart Cut

A romantic diamond shape, this cut is similar to the pear shape with a small, distinct split at the top of the stone.

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