Allure Best Makeup Products of 2013

From concealers to lipsticks, featured here are the best makeup products of 2013, as rated by Allure Magazine. These top beauty experts tested thousands of products, only to find you the best of the best. Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect illuminator that highlights without looking shiny or sparkly, or you’re seeking a BB Cream that lives up to all the hype, look no further than this incredible list of exceptional (and affordable) makeup products. To win the Allure Best of Beauty award is no easy feat – thousands of products have been tested by these knowledgable  editors just to discover the truly fabulous gems of the bunch.

Allure Magazine’s Best Makeup Products of 2013

Best Eye Makeup

From eye color enhancing eyeshadows to long-wearing eyeliners, here are the best eye makeup products this year.

Best Face Makeup

To create skin-perfecting coverage, you need the right face makeup, including primerfoundation, and setting powder.

Best Lip Makeup

Whether you’re dreaming of the perfect red lipstick to brighten your face this winter, or you’re wishing for a gorgeous gloss to add luminosity to your lips, here are some of the best lip products on the market right now.

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