Outdoor Room Ideas - Decorating & Entertaining

Now that summer is officially here, it’s time to spruce up your outdoor space with new patio furniture and accessories. Featured in this Summer Decorating & Entertaining Guide are easy and affordable Outdoor Room Ideas, ranging from outdoor entertaining tools to gardening tips (for those of you who don’t have a green-thumb).

Warm, summer weather just beckons you to spend more time outdoors; relaxing in the sunshine, and enjoying quality time with friends and family.

Outdoor Room Ideas

Patio Furniture

Outdoor living starts with selecting great patio furniture. If you want to create a traditional outdoor space, opt for neutral-hued furnishings in natural tonalities (like ivory, tan, and mahogany). These colors create the perfect foundation for you to accessorize your patio space, without running the risk of going ‘out of style’.


Add splashes of color with plush throw pillows (featuring complementary colors and playful prints). Make sure the colors in the pillows coordinate with each other, so that it looks intentional.

If your deck is either wood, stone, or brick, a quick and easy way to make your guests feel more comfortable is to add an outdoor rug (under your patio table). These are created out of durable, weather-resistant materials, and instantly add coziness to your outdoor room.

Instead of using potentially hazardous candles, opt for flameless indoor/outdoor lanterns instead. These kid-friendly lanterns provide ambient lighting, while eliminating the risk for fires. In addition, they’re battery-powered, so no electrician is needed.

Gardening Tips

If you don’t naturally have a green-thumb, no problem! With ready-made planting materials (like MiracleGrow potting soil), flowers, and pots, you can make your outdoor living space a lush, flourishing oasis in just minutes. Simply plant colorful annuals and ever-green perennials in pots and containers of different sizes and textures (for visual interest).

If you have the space, add an arbor or trellis (with climbing roses or bougainvillea). This not only adds esthetic novelty to your garden, it creates a focal point for guests to look at.

Entertaining Tools

Love entertaining during summer months?

Get your patio party-ready in no time with colorful paper lanterns (strung from trees or hung under table umbrellas). To make life easier while entertaining outdoors, use a mobile serving cart – this enables you to easily bring beverages, food platters, and serving utensils outside.

Leave the expensive crystal drink-ware indoors. Opt for shatter-resistant acrylic glasses when serving beverages outdoors. These are both durable, yet elegant in appearance.

No outdoor party is complete without the classic summer treat – S’mores! Encourage your guests to make these delicious goodies by roasting the marshmallows over your outdoor Firepit.

Cheers to a fun and fabulous summer season!


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