Easter Entertaining

With Easter just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to start thinking about how you are going to spend the holiday. For those of you who enjoy hosting special celebrations at home, this easy-to-follow Easter Entertaining guide will give you decorating and entertaining ideas that your guests will surely love.

Easter Food

If you intend on hosting an Easter Brunch, aside from cooking fabulous dishes (like a vegetable frittata, eggs benedict, and herb poached salmon) you’ll want to create a dining table that is both festive and functional. Instead of preparing a traditional dessert (such as a pie or cake), why not bake Easter Egg Cupcakes? These individual-serving-sized desserts are easy to whip up and great for displaying.

Easter Dessert

Easter Decorations

Floral arrangements are always a colorful and easy-to-create centerpiece for any table, whether you prefer fresh flowers (arranged in a decorative vase), or dried flowers (that can displayed year after year). A festive way to add some novelty to your floral arrangement is through the inclusion of dyed Easter Eggs. Start by hollowing out the eggs, then dye them in a variety of pastel colors (like baby blue, yellow, pink, and lavender). When the Easter Eggs are fully dry, gently insert a long wooden stick (with a very small width) into the hole of each egg. Insert the stick (with the attached Egg) into the vase, accompanying the flowers. The Easter Eggs should be displayed at varying heights within the floral arrangement, as to create visual interest.

Easter Floral Table Centerpiece

In addition to the table display, using brightly-colored plates and dining ware adds a cheerful, upbeat tone to your holiday brunch. Featured here are spring floral plates (that are also available in matching bowls and cups) that will surely brighten up your Easter Brunch.

For a fun, festive touch, add balloons! Balloons are an affordable way to add color to your party, and to put your guests in a good mood. Creating clusters of helium (or air-filled) latex balloons in pretty, pastel colors brings the entire party together. If you use helium-filled balloons, you can quickly and easily tether them down with a plastic balloon weight (in a coordinating color). If you go the air-filled balloon route, use balloon cups and sticks to seal and display the balloons.

Easter Spring Floral Plates

Easter Activities

Lastly, no Easter Celebration is complete without a fun-filled Easter Egg Hunt. To make life easier on busy parents, there are even pre-made Easter Egg Hunt Kits that takes the guesswork out of the game. If you really want to make your Easter Egg Hunt a smashing success, surprise your guests by dressing up as the Easter Bunny.

Easter Egg Hunt Kit

Aside from hunting for decorated Easter Eggs and plastic Easter Eggs (filled with candy and chocolates), why not make the game especially exciting by awarding the winning child with a sweet Easter Gift Basket for Kids?! You can include a variety of items that they can enjoy throughout the year, such as small toys, games, books.

Easter Gift Basket for Kids

With Easter Entertaining ideas this easy, you’ll be called the ‘hostess with the mostest’ by all your friends and family. Happy Easter!


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