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Beauty Buzz: Colored Contact Lens
As the popular saying goes, “The eyes are the windows to the soul”. With that said, as every fashionable woman knows, it’s always worth while to embellish one’s natural beauty and highlight one’s best assets, most notably, the eyes. The beauty buzz is out – what better way to play-up your eyes then by using gorgeous colored contact lenses?
Whether you opt to choose a vibrant hue (such as Sapphire Blue), or prefer a more subtle shade (like Hazel Green), playing with colored contact lenses is comparable to wearing different makeup shades or apparel colors. And it’s so much fun too!
Colored Contact Lens
Acuvue2 Colors offers a fabulous range of hues to choose from, including Blues, Gray, and various shades of Brown and Green. With so many options, the changes you can create with your looks are virtually endless, and 1-800 Contacts makes it easy to find the best colored contact lenses for you.
Colored Contact Lens
Below are top tips how to highlight different eye colors with make-up and apparel:
Use purple, deep green, or charcoal gray eyeshadow colors to bring out the natural warmth of your chestnut brown eyes.
Shimmery bronze and plum eyeshadows look fantastic on majestic hazel eyes, making the flecks of gold and green in your iris “pop”.
Pair navy blue mascara and silver eyeshadow together, to bring out the vibrance of your stunning blue eyes.
If you look to the color wheel to find the best shades for your exotically-beautiful green eyes, you’ll see red tones. Use warm plum and deep purple shades (off-set by a gold highlighter) to complement the cool green hues in your eyes.
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