Guess 30th Anniversary
Guess what?! The iconic supermodel, Claudia Schiffer (who is now 41 and a mother of three children), is making a triumphant return to the glossy pages of top fashion magazines in the new GUESS advertisements, commemorating the company’s 30th Anniversary. “[Schiffer] was a turning point of GUESS, she was a turning point of Ellen’s career, Guess was a turning point of a life for Claudia,” Guess CEO Paul Marciano told Women’s Wear Daily.
The series of black and white GUESS photos that launched Schiffer to worldwide fame over twenty years ago, are now making a fresh come-back with a modern take on classic sexy style (thanks to photographer, Ellen von Unwerth). The similar poses capture the eternal (and seemingly ageless) sultry appeal that Schiffer is known for – effortless, bombshell beauty.
Below are current GUESS items that will be timeless staples in your wardrobe, today and for the next 30 years; the classic bustier top, the always sexy skinny jean, and the glamorous crystal embellished wristwatch.  

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