Perhaps it’s because I was named after Christian Dior and Ralph Lauren? Or maybe it’s because my mom always outfitted me in the most beautiful dresses and matching accessories when I was a little girl? Well, whatever the reason is, I’ve always loved fashion! It’s not so much that shopping is my greatest joy, but rather, it’s the result of shopping wisely: styling the perfect outfit.

I’ve always found that having a well-organized and beautiful closet does wonders for inspiring a fabulous ensemble. To start with, I took stock of all the items I have, and worked with a consultant from California Closets to put together a closet that truly suited my needs.

Being the typical fashion-oriented woman, I adore great shoes. So, what better way to display my shoes than by having a neat and tidy shoe rack, all organized by heel height, style, and purpose?

And when it comes to arranging my clothes, I find that organizing by color is not only visually-pleasing, but also very functional (when getting dressed quickly). That way you’re not wondering where you put a particular blouse, and can grab items in a dash. Here’s a space-saving tip – Use slimline hangers (the ones shown here were bought at Bed, Bath, & Beyond).
Unattractive storage containers are a thing of the past. With affordable (and aesthetic-conscious) retailers like Target, storage boxes are now available in a wide array of patterns and fabrics (wicker, cloth, plastic, etc.). Because I love feminine touches, I chose several complementary floral patterned boxes that add to the overall decor of my closet, but also serve a functional purpose by keeping accessories (scarves, bags, and belts) neat and tidy. You’ll also notice that a framed picture on a wall inside my closet, which adds a touch of whimsy.

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