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This post is sponsored by Bioré, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Being self-confident starts within. When our skin looks beautiful, we often feel more inclined to greet the world with a positive attitude. But, when we have clogged pores, or worse – an unsightly breakout, we often feel embarrassed and depressed.

Well, it’s time to stop dwelling on bad skin, and fight breakouts once and for all!

Biore Witch Hazel - 2 Simple Steps to Clearer Skin and More Self-Confidence

As a gal who has sensitive, acne-prone skin, I’ve tried all kinds of beauty products and skincare regimens. Some have worked well (which I often share with you on here), while others have aggravated my skin and made it worse.

The bottom line still holds true – clogged pores leads to acne and blackheads. That’s why using skincare products that gently exfoliate dead skin cells and unclog pores is essential to having clearer skin and more self-confidence.

Biore Witch Hazel - 2 Simple Steps to Clearer Skin and More Self-Confidence

Why Clear Skin Can Boost Self-Confidence

When people first meet me, they usually tend to notice my self-confidence. Well, I wasn’t always this way. As a teenager, I remember feeling less than confident whenever my skin broke out. 

It got so bad that I recall being on a family trip in Paris, but all I could think about was my troubled skin. To make matters worse – it was during the biggest heat wave France had experienced in 100 years and there was no A/C in the hotel. So, even though my face was caked with foundation (hoping it’d cover my breakouts), my makeup was dripping down my face. Let’s face it – that’s definitely not the Parisian chic look I was going for.

It was shortly after that trip that I decided it was time to solve this problem once and for all. I was tired of lacking confidence just because of my skin. But more than that – I was fed up with breakouts. So I got serious about facing my skin issues head-on. To do so, I decided to learn everything I could about treating acne.

Because of my experience, it’s become my passion to educate and empower women about skin care.

Biore Witch Hazel - 2 Simple Steps to Clearer Skin and More Self-Confidence

2 Simple Steps to Clearer Skin with Bioré Witch Hazel

Since my teens, I’ve devoted countless hours to research, trial and error, and chats with Dermatologists and experts.

When I was younger, I discovered Bioré® pore strips, and have loved this simple, yet ingenious, product ever since. Over the years, the brand has created a variety of pore-unclogging products that get rid of gunk that leads to breakouts. Most recently, they launched Bioré® Witch Hazel Pore Clarifying Toner and Bioré® Witch Hazel Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips to help create clearer skin.

Not only are these easy to use and convenient (especially since the pore strips come in portable packaging). they truly unclog pores and get rid of oil and dirt. Plus, they aren’t harsh on skin, which is important if you’re acne-prone.

The pore strips contain effective ingredients like menthol, tea tree oil, and witch hazel, which are known to be antiseptic and detoxifying for the skin. The toner contains ingredients like salicylic acid (which is a powerful anti-acne treatment) and witch hazel (which is an astringent that has cleansing properties). Both products work together to unclog pores, heal and treat blemishes, and help prevent future breakouts.

Biore Witch Hazel - 2 Simple Steps to Clearer Skin and More Self-Confidence

How to Use Bioré Witch Hazel in Your Skincare Routine

To keep my T-zone clear and blemish-free, a few nights a week (after washing my face), I swipe the toner on my skin with a soaked cotton pad. To get rid of any blackheads on my nose, once a week I use the pore strip for 10-minutes. I often use this time to chill out on my couch, while catching up on a fashion or beauty magazine.

This self-care time has become a big part of my beauty routine, as it helps me relax and unwind while creating clearer skin. Not to mention – stress often leads to breakouts, so knowing that I try to de-stress often.

Biore Witch Hazel - 2 Simple Steps to Clearer Skin and More Self-Confidence

If you’re looking to unclog pores, get rid of blackheads and prevent breakouts, definitely consider trying Bioré® Witch Hazel Toner and Bioré® Witch Hazel Pore Strips. There’s nothing like having clearer skin to help you feel self-confident and gorgeous. 

For more beauty tips, check out the Skincare section on Inspirations & Celebrations.

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