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We’ve all suffered through breakouts at some point in our lives. Whether it’s during adolescence or adulthood, acne plagues the majority of the population. 

To make matters worse, getting unsightly body acne (like chestne or bacne) can dampen our mood and affect our self-confidence. Fortunately, there are effective acne treatments that can quickly and efficiently treat body acne. 

How To Treat Body Acne

In collaboration with Zapzyt, today’s skincare guide shares 4 simple ways to treat body acne.

How To Treat Body Acne Quickly - Zapzyt Acne Treatment

Acne is often caused by clogged pores, which results in the onset of pimples. We have pores all over our body, which allows us to secrete toxins (eliminating impurities from our bodies). While this is a beneficial process for getting rid of waste in our systems, it has the unwanted side effect of becoming a blemish on occasion.

How To Treat Body Acne Quickly - Zapzyt Acne Treatment Products

Pores can get clogged with dirt, grime, makeup, oil and bacteria (which are the leading causes of acne flareups). When the skin hasn’t been properly cleansed or exfoliated, dead skin cells accumulate on top of the surface, causing the pores to clog up (resulting in acne). That’s why it’s imperative to regularly cleanse, exfoliate, and treat the skin.

How To Treat Body Acne Quickly - Zapzyt Acne Treatment

To help treat body acne (and prevent future breakouts from popping up), a 4-step skincare regime is advisable. 

  1. Spot Treat
  2. Cleanse
  3. Exfoliate
  4. Pore Treatment

How To Treat Body Acne Quickly - Zapzyt Acne Treatment Gel

Spot Treatment for Acne

For instant spot treatments (to get rid of body acne quickly), a maximum strength 10% benzoyl peroxide gel (like Zapzyt Acne Treatment Gel) works wonders on blemishes. Recommended by Dermatologists, benzoyl peroxide has been proven to effectively help minimize acne as it kills the bacteria in the pores. This helps minimize the appearance of an existing blemish.

How To Treat Body Acne Quickly - Zapzyt Acne Wash Cleanser

Cleanse Skin Regularly

An effective daily cleanser designed to target and treat acne-prone skin is a must-have in your shower. Wash your chest and back (and anywhere you get zits on your body) with a cleanser containing salicylic acid (like the Zapzyt Acne Wash Cleanser). This oil-free, alcohol-free cleanser deeply penetrates pores, helping to eliminate acne-causing culprits and unclogging pores. 

How To Treat Body Acne Quickly - Zapzyt Pore Clearing Scrub

Exfoliate Weekly

Exfoliating your skin at least once a week (if not more), helps to naturally encourage skin cell regeneration. When you boost your skin’s ability to shed dead skin cells, it stimulates the production of new, fresh skin cells. Not only does this make your skin look healthier and more radiant, it also helps to get rid of dead skin cells (that clog pores). Using an anti-acne exfoliation treatment (such as Zapzyt Pore Clearing Scrub), you help keep your skin clear of acne-causing bacteria, dirt, and oil.

How To Treat Body Acne Quickly - Zapzyt Pore Treatment Gel

Use a Pore Treatment

To keep your skin acne-free, regularly applying a salicylic acid-based pore treatment (such as Zapzyt Pore Treatment Gel) will help to prevent clogged pores. Salicylic acid is known to minimize redness and inflammation (which helps improve the appearance of blemishes), while opening up the pores. 

By following this easy 4-step skincare regime, you can quickly and effectively treat body acne. 

How To Treat Body Acne Quickly - Zapzyt Acne Treatment

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