With Summer winding down and Fall quickly approaching, figuring out what to wear becomes a trickier situation. While some places around the country are still sizzling hot (like Las Vegas, Nevada), other spots (like Carmel, California) are quickly cooling down and feeling like Fall.

5 Must-Have Accessories For Transitioning From Summer To Fall

To help you transition from Summer to Fall, today’s edition of “Fabulous Finds” features 5 must-have accessories that you can wear now and later during Autumn. From scarves and hats (that quickly warm you up when the weather gets cold) to umbrellas and of-the-moment perforated handbags, here are the essential accessories to help you transition from Summer to Fall.

5 Must-Have Accessories For Transitioning From Summer To Fall

Must-Have Accessories: Scarves

One of the easiest ways to change the look of any outfit is with an accessory like a scarf. Scarves are a great way to add color and pattern, while helping to keep you warm and toasty (as the days start to cool off). In addition, they’re perfect for traveling with, since they can be tossed in your tote bag or stashed in your carry-on luggage. From traditional plaids to feminine florals, scarves are one of the must-have accessories to help you transition from Summer to Fall.




Must-Have Accessories: Felt Hats

As the winds start to pick-up and the fog rolls in, don’t bother pulling your hair into a ponytail. Instead, put a lid on it and just throw on a chic felt hat. Not only will a hat help you look stylish (and keep your hair in place), it also keeps you warmer on those chilly Fall days.




Must-Have Accessories: Wraps

Since this transitional time period between seasons often has inclement or unpredictable weather, it’s not necessarily cold enough yet to wear a coat, but a lightweight jacket (like a denim jacket) might leave you out in the cold. That’s why a cozy wrap is a great alternative to a jacket or coat. Great for going to outdoor events (like a concert or football game), a wrap is a stylish way to stay warm right now.




Must-Have Accessories: Perforated Handbags

One of the trendiest looks for handbags right now are perforated materials. From leather satchels to canvas shoulder bags, perforated handbags are the “it” bags this season.




Must-Have Accessories: Umbrellas

For those drizzly days that seemingly come out of nowhere, a cute umbrella is definitely a must-have. Stash one in your car or tote it around in your bag, just in case the weather starts to act up. From playful polka dots to glamorous metallic prints, umbrellas are one of the must-have accessories that keep you dry year-round.




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