Summer Beauty Guide - Celebrity Makeup Artists Share Expert Tips on Melt-Proof Makeup

Have you ever wondered how celebrities look flawless, whether they’re sweating under on stage (under those bright lights) or are feeling the heat doing press interviews at red carpet events?

Well, the truth is – they have a not-so-secret weapon – a professional makeup artist! While most of us don’t have a pro makeup artist touching up our makeup throughout the day, we can learn their insider secrets to looking gorgeous from day-to-night.

To help us look our best and create melt-proof makeup (which is a necessity in hot, humid weather), today’s beauty guide shares expert tips and tricks from celebrity makeup artists.

Expert Tips on Melt-Proof Makeup

Béke Beau got her start working alongside cosmetics guru, Laura Gellar, and has since gone on to work with celebrities (like actresses Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ali Larter, Jordana Brewster) and notable figures (such as fashion designer, Nicole Miller). As an in-demand makeup artist, she’s won countless awards and recognition from magazines (including Philadelphia Magazine “Best Makeup Service, 2015” and Main Line Today Magazine “Best Make-up Artist for Brides 2015”, to name a few), and has been seen in several top publications such as People Magazine, Allure Magazine, and Martha Stewart Weddings.

Celebrity Makeup Artists Share Expert Tips on Melt-proof MakeupTo help create melt-proof makeup for Summer and warm, humid days, Beau says:

“How long your make-up lasts has as much to do with how you use products as what you use. Eye shadow should always be applied over an eye shadow primer (like Urban Decay Primer Potion) to control oil, which causes creasing and fading.”

“As for foundation and concealer, most women can benefit from touching up their initial application with a translucent powder a few times during the day. Blush is something I like to add during the day, because it’s so refreshing to your look, but layering a powder over a cream blush will help if you can’t touch-up.”

“Use a silicone-based foundation (most are these days, but I like Face Atelier) over an oil-free and lightweight base (like Embryolisse Hydra-Mat Emulsion). Use powder blush and set with translucent powder. A professional setting spray (like Dermacolor Fixing Spray from Kryolank) will work better than some of the main stream setting sprays available, but make sure to follow directions.”

When it comes to looking picture-perfect, Tricia Kelly has got you covered. As the Co-Founder and Lead Designer for CapitolGLOW (in Washington, D.C.), Kelly has worked with all types of clients, from celebrities to beauty pageant contestants. Her list of highly-recognizable clients includes an impressive array of individuals, ranging from Miss America & Miss USA contestants and members of Congress to Hollywood actors and performers (like Anna Kendrick, Justin Bieber, and Hugh Jackman). She and her team are skilled in both hair and makeup, and are experts at helping people look their best.

Celebrity Makeup Artists Share Expert Tips on Melt-proof MakeupWhen it comes to melt-proof makeup, Kelly suggests the following:

“For ultimate longevity of foundation, use a primer that compliments your skin needs! Youngblood primer is my personal go to and literally melts onto your skin. This will keep your foundation from settling into your skin.”

“When using a liquid foundation, always finish it with a powder. There are countless setting powders depending on your needs. My two favorites are mineral rice powder for everyday or Hi-Definition powder in translucent or warmth for stage, film or photo.”

“Layer! If you have used anything liquid as a base under the eye, take white mineral powder on an eyeshadow brush and dust below the lash line. This will help absorb any oils or products that haven’t set into the skin yet. Then, take a black or brown shadow just below the water line with a small, firm brush and tap on the color as if it were a liner. You can follow this up with a pencil, liquid or gel on top. In extremely humid situations, I am going all out. I tap on some shadow, then use a gel liner, buff that in with the same shadow color to really set it in, and follow it up with a tiny amount of liquid for extra pop! Ultimate longevity in hot, humid conditions requires layers. By adding in the shadow, it will absorb some of the other products that tend to melt.”

As a professional make-up artist, Ulla Gaudin of Tiffin & Posh has contributed to many successful international stage, film, and television productions over her 20-year career in the film industry. Her expertise includes skincare, prosthetic make-up and wig-making, and she’s even worked on major Hollywood films including All The King’s Men, In Her Shoes, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. In addition to which, she’s also a consultant to the 2nd largest premium skincare company in the United States. Based in New Orleans, she personally knows what it takes to do melt-proof makeup, even in sweltering heat and humidity.

Celebrity Makeup Artists Share Expert Tips on Melt-proof Makeup

To create melt-proof makeup, Gaudin recommends the following beauty tips:

“The rule of thumb for hot and humid climate is to blot, blot, blot. You can use something as simple as paper towels… or buy blot papers like Nurturing Force Blot Paper.”

“Your second step, after blotting, is to use a powder foundation (like Makeup For Ever Pro Finish) to touch up your makeup. Use a brush for lighter coverage and a sponge for areas where you need more (around your nose and lips, for example).”

“As for eye makeup, you will need to have a great base (like a primer or HD liquid foundation) under shadows, set with a finely ground loose powder. Use waterproof eyeliner and mascara, as these tend to stay on better on hot and humid days. “

“Lip stains are a great product to wear on long days. They stay on and look fresh until you take them off.”

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