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Breast Cancer Awareness Month - 8 Great Ways to Support a Great Cause

Throughout the month of October, people everywhere will be bringing to light a very important, serious topic – breast cancer awareness. To help promote breast cancer awareness and support this worthy cause, here are eight great ways to do good and feel good.

Ways to Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

To help fund breast cancer research, brands such as Ralph Lauren, Jane Iredale, and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics have created beauty products with the intention of donating a portion (or 100%) of the profits to breast cancer research and awareness. Below are eight incredible products from leading brands that support this worthy cause.

On a personal note, having witnessed loved ones deal with major health issues over the past year, it’s made me become incredibly proactive relative to my own healthcare.

After finding a small lump in my breast several weeks ago (which got me worried, naturally), I recently decided to visit a local breast care clinic to get an ultrasound. After a thorough examination, fortunately, the Doctor determined that it was nothing to be alarmed about.

As I’ve learned, it’s wiser to get checked out by a Doctor at the very first sign of any suspected health concerns, rather than waiting until a situation becomes critical. In addition, because many illnesses and diseases (especially breast cancer) can be addressed or remedied with treatments during the initial stages, it’s to our advantage to get annual physical exams.

To love yourself fully, you need to make taking care of your health your top priority. May this be a friendly reminder to be proactive in your healthcare regimen, and to encourage your loved ones to take care of their health as well. To learn more about Breast Cancer Awareness Month and how you can get involved with this worthy cause, visit The National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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