Quick and Easy Cooking and Cleaning with Bounty with Dawn

As busy women, we have tight schedules (balancing work and family life), which often means we have limited time to spend cooking and cleaning. That’s why it’s essential to have an arsenal of easy-to-prepare, tasty recipes that can be whipped together quickly. When you’re finished preparing a fabulous meal, the last thing you want to do is spend excessive time cleaning up the mess that results from cooking. That’s where the new Bounty with Dawn can help.

Quick and Easy Cooking and Cleaning with Bounty with Dawn

One of the most delicious (and nutritious) meals to make during Springtime is Pasta Primavera (check out the easy-to-follow recipe below).

Fresh garden vegetables (like onion, zucchini, and asparagus), tasty tomato marinara sauce, and heart-healthy olive oil instantly bring this pasta dish to life. But along with these robust, healthful flavors often comes a hefty mess left behind.

Quick and Easy Cooking and Cleaning with Bounty with Dawn

While you’re busy chopping veggies, cooking them up in a sauté pan, and heating up the pasta sauce, no matter how tidy you try to be, it’s inevitable that spills and messes will happen. As quickly as they occur, they can just as quickly harden and stain delicate surfaces. That’s why you need heavy-duty cleaning utensils (like Bounty with Dawn) to help you wipe up the mess without stress.

Quick and Easy Cooking and Cleaning with Bounty with Dawn

What is Bounty with Dawn?

Different than other leading paper towel brands on the market, the new Bounty with Dawn is “a specially designed 2-in-1 product that combines an ultra-durable Bounty paper towel with grease-fighting power of Dawn dish soap”. The fact that the dish soap is already built-in to the paper towel means you can more easily and quickly wipe up messes, without having to scrub vigorously or buy additional cleaning agents.

Quick and Easy Cooking and Cleaning with Bounty with Dawn

How To Use Bounty with Dawn

To clean up messes, simply wet one of the Bounty with Dawn paper towels (with water). Gently ring out the towel. Then start wiping up tough messes, like grease and dried food residue.

Bounty exclaims that “the grease-fighting power of Dawn combined with the strength of Bounty cleans 4x better than a used dishcloth.” Plus “Bounty with Dawn can even be reused—simply rinse and wring the grease out to keep tackling any mess with just one sheet,” which helps reduce wastage and minimize cleaning expenses.

Quick and Easy Cooking and Cleaning with Bounty with Dawn

How Does Bounty with Dawn Blast Through Messes?

The proof is in the pudding (or should we say pasta?!)… Bounty with Dawn truly works!

This “quicker picker-upper” paper towel out-performs other paper towels. Since it works on all types of household surfaces (from stovetops to microwaves and ovens), it makes getting your kitchen (and home) super-clean faster than using regular paper towels.

It is important to point out that since Bounty with Dawn contains soap, you should only use this product for cleaning household surfaces. Bounty’s website states: “Similar to other products that contain cleaning solutions, you should avoid direct eye contact and should not use this product for food preparation or personal cleansing.”

To watch these powerhouse paper towels blast through messes faster, head to Walmart to pick-up your own supply.

Quick and Easy Cooking and Cleaning with Bounty with Dawn

Quick & Easy Pasta Primavera Recipe

[Modified Recipe from Bounty with Dawn]


1/2 Package Orzo Pasta
1 Can Marinara Sauce
1 Zucchini (chopped)
1 Package Asparagus (chopped)
1/2 Sweet Onion (chopped)
2 Tbsp. Garlic Powder
3 Tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil


1. Cook pasta according to package instructions.
2. Chop vegetables into small pieces.
3. Boil water and steam chopped asparagus.
4. Heat oil over medium heat.
5. Sauté onions for about 3 minutes. Add garlic powder, zucchini, and steamed asparagus. Cook until tender.
6. When the vegetables are cooked, turn heat to low and add sauce.
7. Serve the cooked pasta in a bowl or dish and pour the sauce mixture on top.

The above recipe takes approximately 30 minutes to prepare.


[Disclosure: This post and giveaway were sponsored by Bounty through their partnership with SheSpeaks. While I was compensated to write about Bounty with Dawn, all opinions are my own.]

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