Style Guide What To Wear To An Interview

Whether applying for an internship or hoping to land your dream job, this Inspirations & Celebrations’ Style Guide shares fabulous fashion tips on what to wear to an interview. Remember the old saying, “First impressions are a lasting impression”? Well, it’s true! To help you get the job you want, selecting the best outfit to wear to an interview can make the difference between getting ahead in your career or not.

After you’ve polished your resume, arranged a meeting with the HR Manager, and mentally prepared what you’re going to say, deciding what to wear to an interview is the last step in getting ready to rock that job opportunity. From creative ad agencies to financial firms, here are style tips to help you get ahead in your career.

What To Wear To An Interview at a Creative Agency

Advertising, marketing, and public relations agencies frequently encompass a variety of creative roles including graphic design, branding, and media relations. When applying for a job at one of these businesses, it’s important to look pulled-together and stylish. Since these agencies have a lot of creative types working there, it’s acceptable to wear trendy, eye-catching colors and designs. Graphic print wrap dresses, color-blocked dresses, and blouses in vibrant hues are a perfect way to get noticed.


What To Wear To An Interview at a Large Corporation

If you’re applying for a job at a public company or a multi-national business, you want to come across as professional and reliable. Since these types of companies have multiple departments (HR, accounting, marketing, operations, etc.), the key to figuring out what to wear to an interview there is to first determine which department you will be working in. If you’re looking to become a part of their Operations Team, opt for practical, fuss-free apparel (like a white button-down shirt, classic blazer, and tailored trousers). If you’re hoping to join the Marketing Team, add a hint of embellishment while keeping your look corporate and understated. A colorful scarf or statement necklace adds flair without going overboard.


What To Wear To An Interview at a Small Business

Small businesses are what America was founded on. From Mom & Pop retail shops to boutique agencies, small businesses can be found in every town and city. Since these types of companies are more intimate (than the Amazons & Targets of the world), you’ll often work with people in different teams and departments. The key to deciding what to wear to an interview at a small business is to go for a friendly, approachable look. A fitted cardigan over a blouse, paired with a classic pencil skirt or pants is both professionally-appropriate and yet casual enough to make you look like a “team player”.


What To Wear To An Interview at a Financial Firm

When you want to score a job at a financial firm (like an investment firm or accounting firm), you’ll want to look polished and professional. Since most financial advisors wear suits and ties, it’s advisable to opt for clothes that reflect this type of work environment. When dealing with finances, it’s important to look reliable, intelligent, and capable. A no-frills neutral colored suit with a matching blazer and pants or knee-length skirt, finished off with sophisticated, understated accessories (like a pearl necklace, traditional watch, and pointed toe pumps) is a smart choice.


Additional Style Tips on What To Wear To An Interview

No matter where you apply for a job, when in doubt, opt for professional-looking clothing over casual, everyday wear. Never wear open-toed shoes or sandals, opt for tailored trousers over jeans, nix revealing clothing (that means, no short skirts or skin-baring tops), and leave the sparkly, sequined apparel at home.

By following these style tips, you’ll leave a lasting impression that will help get you the job you’re after.

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