How To Get Super Straight Hair

Tired of battling frizz? Love the look of shiny, sleek hair? With the right hair products and a few simple techniques, this beauty tutorial will show you how to quickly and easily get super straight hair without having to visit a salon.

How To Get Super Straight Hair

1. Before your start the process to get super straight hair, you will first need to use a Shampoo and Conditioner that are designed to help create straight hair. These hair products help prepare your hair for straightening by mildly cleansing and nourishing the hair, taming curls and frizz, and adding a shine-boosting coating to your hair. These shampoos and conditioners (which are intended to help create straight hair) have been specifically formulated to relax, temporarily straighten, and protect hair from heat styling. These products also lock out humidity to keep hair straight, smooth, and frizz-free all day.

2. When your hair is damp, lightly mist a Heat Protectant Spray from mid-shaft to the roots. This thermal-activated hair spray creates a protective barrier on the hair, to minimize damage from heat styling tools (like a blowdryer and straightening iron). Using a Wide Tooth Comb, gently comb through your hair to detangle it. Then lightly mist a Hair Straightening Spray throughout your entire hair, starting with your roots. This type of product will help you keep the look of super straight hair for up to 3 days.

3. The key to getting super straight hair requires proper blowdrying techniques. Using an ionic Hairdryer (with an attached nozzle), thoroughly blow dry the roots of your hair. Make sure the nozzle is always pointing in a downward direction (so that the air flow helps to flattens the hair cuticle, making it appear smoother and shinier). After your roots are completely dry and the rest of your hair is 80% dry, using a Round Boar-Bristled Brush, take 1-2″ sections of hair (starting with the crown/bangs), hold the hair taught, and blow dry downward. The tension on the strands of hair (using the brush) will help smooth out the hair. Continue to blow dry using the round brush, until all parts of your hair are completely dry and straight. The most important areas to focus on are the top layer, as this is the most visible section.

4. When your hair is completely dry, using a dime-sized amount of glossing serum, run the product through your hair (using your hands). This helps your hair look shiny, healthy, and smooth.

5. Now it’s time to perfect the look of your straight hair. Using an ionic hair straightening iron, starting at the roots (on the top section), glide the iron down the shaft of the hair all the way until the ends. If you have coarse or very curly hair, you can use a setting up to 450 degrees. However, if your hair is fine, you shouldn’t go beyond 350 degrees (or it could damage your hair). Keep the iron in motion, as to prevent any damage or creasing. Continue ironing your hair until it is super straight and glass-like.

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