How To Accessorize To Make Heads Turn - Bracelets and Jewelry

Do you look at your wardrobe and moan that you have nothing to wear? You probably have a wardrobe full of clothes that you’ve only worn a handful of times, and yet you feel as if you have absolutely nothing to put on. You’re not alone, many women feel this way, however; you can easily make your outfits look brand new with the help of accessories! Here’s how to accessorize your boring wardrobe to make heads turn:

How To Accessorize


It’s so easy to take your LBD from drab to fab. Simply add a big, bold handbag, some sunglasses (We suggest cat-eye or heart shaped), and some bold shoes – how about red? You could also add some hot red lipstick and a waist belt to show off your shape. It’s not just what you wear, it’s all about the accessories you add!

The Skirt and T-shirt

The skirt and t-shirt can be worn for many different occasions, but the great news is you can dress them up or down at any time. Why not add a textured clutch bag, patterned wedges, and some layered necklaces? You could even add some kitten heels, an oversized clutch bag, and a gold chain for a night on the town!

The Sweatshirt and Skinny Jeans

Everything looks better when you add a bit of glitter. Add stacks of rings to your outfit, a sequined clutch, and matching sandals to head straight for the pub. Alternatively for a shopping trip, you could add an oversized tote bag, some comfy printed pumps, sunglasses, and some leather bracelets.

The Blouse and Cropped Trousers

If you’re going on a date, the blouse and cropped trouser combo is the perfect outfit. Simply add your favorite kitten heels, a statement necklace, a neon clutch, and a few bangles from Aylesbury Bullion. If you fancy something a little less dressy, you could swap the heels for flat pumps and add a shoulder bag!

As you can see, accessories can totally update and change an outfit depending on the look you’re going for or the occasion. They are an extremely powerful tool, and complete a look. There are no rules to how many accessories you should wear in one outfit – so try different combinations to your hearts content! If you think something looks great, then go for it – but don’t forget the wise words of Coco Chanel, who said that you should always look in the mirror when you’re ready and take off the last thing you put on.

You should also remember a few little pointers when it comes to adding your accessories:

  • Tall/larger bone structures look best in chunky/oversized accessories.

  • Petite/smaller bone structures look best in smaller accessories.

There is a middle ground however, so don’t feel obliged to stick to these rules.  Chunky rings can look lovely on slender fingers, and vice versa.

Not only does accessorizing make a boring outfit look miles better, it allows you to show off your personality in your outfits. Go ahead and have lots of fun as you create new and exciting combinations!

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