Project Decorate: French Elegance ~ Tres Chic

Often regarded as one of the most romantic and feminine interior design styles, French elegance is a type of home decor theme that is easy to create on any budget. From inspiring artwork to mix-and-match patterns, featured here are très chic home decor pieces that evoke the epitome of French elegance.

French Elegance ~ Home Decor Ideas


The foundation of any room starts with the furniture.

Chairs should not only be esthetically-pleasing, they should also comfortable and inviting for you and your guests to relax in. If you can’t afford to buy new chairs or if you don’t have it in your budget to re-upholster your existing chairs, that’s not a problem. Considering investing in patterned slipcovers (in a floral or striped print). This is an easy and affordable way to quickly change the look of your chairs.

A buffet table or entertainment console in a neutral hue are ideal investment pieces. These types of furniture provide ample storage, while enabling you to proudly display your framed photos and collectibles. Gold-toned hardware and a subtle lattice-work pattern add a glamorous touch without being ostentatious. Look for furniture that has a weathered wood look, for that antiqued feel.


Awash in soft pastels for the hand-painted effect of an impressionistic painting, a floral-shaped wool pile area rug adds instant beauty to your room, while providing a cushy place to rest your feet.

Combining a variety of differently-patterned throw pillows (in similar colorations) adds visual interest to your space. A patterned pillow can also help liven up a solid colored sofa or chair, while adding cushiness.


Artwork is a visual medium that inspires you to be mentally-transported to another place and time. If you don’t have the limitless budget of a high-spending art collector, you can still add an element of French elegance to your home with affordably-priced wall art. Pre-framed posters come in an array of sizes, colors, and styles.


Whether you prefer the grandeur of an ornate, crystal chandelier or an understated French elegance look of timeless table lamps, the lighting of your room should cast a soft glow.

Whether you take pleasure in collecting vintage accessories, or prefer to go shopping for new home decor pieces that have the look of old-world charm, you can’t help but fall in love with a room that casually combines classic elements (like upholstered, wingback chairs) with unexpectedly whimsical accent pieces (such as a flower-shaped area rug).


  1. Totally agree. The joy of French furniture is that it adds charm and style. Its all about beautiful furniture, not just functional furniture. Lighting is so important , I love chandeliers, they are beautiful features, but sometimes a room needs a little extra light, adding lamps or mirrors can be all it takes to create cosy corners and light up dark spaces.

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