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What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag - Diapers, Baby Clothes & More

From maternity apparel to baby clothes, packing your hospital bag in the run up to labor can feel like the most important thing you will ever do. What you put in this little bag will determine what your little one’s first outfit is, and how you will spend your first hours together; and forgetting something can seem like the end of the world. In fact, while it is important to pack carefully, there are plenty of ladies who go into labor early or unexpectedly, and don’t have their hospital bag packed or with them on the day. Hospitals will have everything you need just in case so if you do forget something, so try not to worry. If you remember the few essentials featured here, you will be ready for the big day.

Maternity Apparel, Diapers, Baby Clothes & More

What To Pack For Baby

There are a few basics you will need to pack for your newborn’s first few hours which you should pop in your hospital bag, ready to take with you.

Diapers (also known as nappies) are an essential, and whether you decide to use disposable or reusable ones, you will need a good supply of these for your time in the hospital. You should have some idea of the size your baby will be, so choose the appropriate size. Newborn size diapers are best for most, but if you know your baby will be very small or larger than average, adjust accordingly (to premature size or larger diapers).

You will need to pack a few baby clothes for your little one, the most important being what you take them home in, as this is something you will remember forever. Pack baby clothes in newborn sizes, unless you know your baby will be larger or smaller than this. Don’t spend a fortune though, as they will grow out of these baby clothes in no time. Try baby boys or baby girl clothes from George at ASDA for some gorgeous outfits that are both great value and quality.

What To Pack For You

You will need an old large t-shirt or a nightie you don’t mind binning afterwards, for labor. Also take some special nighties designed for breast feeding for afterwards, if you have chosen to feed your baby this way. There are pieces designed for new moms that go far enough down to feed with ease, while keeping the rest of you covered.

Whether you want to think about it or not, you will need several pairs of really comfy pants that will hold maternity pads for after the birth. You also need to pack plenty of pads too.

Don’t forget to pack clothes for going home. You shouldn’t expect to fit straight back into your pre-pregnancy jeans, and you want to be as comfortable as possible so maternity clothes are still best at this stage. Make sure whatever you choose is loose and made of a breathable material.

Take a few extra of things like diapers, pants for you, and additional baby clothes for your newborn, in case you need to stay in hospital longer than expected. Don’t panic about forgetting something, there will always be someone who can pop out and get some items, if needed. Try to relax, it’s time to get excited about those first few precious moments with your baby, not worry that you haven’t packed the kitchen sink!

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