Hair Trends For Spring 2013

From low ponytails to sleek blow-outs, the hottest hair trends for Spring 2013 are polished and pretty. In prior years, the look for spring and summer was laid-back, casual, and fuss-free. But this year, it’s all about adding oomph to your hair with embellishment and sophisticated style.

Hair Trends For Spring 2013

Some of the sexiest hair trends for spring including slicking back your bangs, tightly wound buns and knots, and glammed-out ponytails. The key to getting these hairstyles starts with using the right tools. Eliminate frizz with serums, get salon-perfect blow-outs by using heat protection sprays, and ensure your hairstyle stays in place by using a lightweight hairspray.

With accessories like floral headbands, studded bows, and ornate jeweled clips, creating glamorous, beautiful hairstyles is easier than ever. Whether you prefer feminine and dainty, or edgy and dramatic, there’s something to suit every personal preference.

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