Anne-Sophie Coulot

This week’s Designer Spotlight is on hat designer, Anne-Sophie Coulot. 

Having grown up in Versailles (France), Anne-Sophie studied Fine Arts in college and millenery at the Greta de la Mode in Paris. She later gained experience working with the renowned Victoria Grant in London. She is a milliner of handmade products. Each piece is handcrafted with noble materials such as silk, buntal, straw, leather, fines beads and many others.

Elegance and innovative design are of the essence. Hats and headbands with sophisticated styles including the bohemian style. She aspires to a romantic and vintage style, verging on rock’n roll at times. She says her “inspiration is drawn from art, old magazines, travels, music and chance encounters.”


Based in Paris, Anne-Sophie brings her energy, style and sense of humor to her many hats. It is clear the she is inspired by the styles of the 1950s, but make no mistake: These hats aren’t meant for ladies who lunch. “I want to make hats for a ‘femme fatale:’ sophisticated, independent, unpredictable and living in the moment.”

If you want to take a cue from the fashionable Kate Middleton (who loves wearing bold, striking hats), you can find these vintage-inspired treasures at Boticca.

Anne-Sophie Coulot

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