The Fourth of July is an extra special holiday for me, as it happens to be my birthday. From festive 4th of July parties to intimate family dinners, Independence Day is always a fun celebration for us. Plus it’s one of my favorite occasions to get dressed up in a charming Fourth of July outfit, […]
  From beach barbecues to picnics in the park, Independence Day is always a festive holiday in the USA that puts Americans in the spirit of celebrating. But fireworks aren’t the only thing to get excited about… there are a number of fabulous July 4th Sales going on this weekend. Here are the best July 4th Sales, Deals, Continue Reading
Happy 4th of July everyone! Today’s not only ‎America’s Birthday, it’s also my Birthday! In celebration of this happy occasion, I wanted to share a little background about my family and me. Since before I was born, my family had been promoting patriotism and positive, wholesome values to the American Continue Reading
From backyard barbecues to beach bonfires, Independence Day is a festive, annual holiday that people all over the USA enjoy celebrating with friends and family. This patriotic-themed Entertaining Guide shares July 4th Party Ideas that will add flair and good old-fashioned fun to your summer season in a fabulous way. July 4th Party Continue Reading