When it comes to traveling, one of the must-see destinations to add to your bucket list is the beautiful Monterey Peninsula in Northern California. Not only does this award-winning travel hotspot offer a plethora of fun and exciting things to do (like gourmet food and wine tastings, globally-renowned special events, family-friendly experiences and outdoor activities), the area also has one of the most majestic natural landscapes you could ever imagine, ranging from gorgeous ocean views to rugged mountain vistas.

The Local’s Guide To The Monterey Peninsula

While I’ve traveled all over the world, from Europe to Asia and beyond, the Monterey Peninsula is still my favorite place on Earth – not to mention, it’s the place that I call home. As both a long-term resident and a native to the Monterey Peninsula, below are a few of my favorite places here, ranging from notable sights in Big Sur to must-see places in Pebble Beach, and so much more. To help you plan your next trip to the spectacular Central Coast, today’s travel guide shares the top 10 places to see when visiting the Monterey Peninsula.

The Local's Guide To The Monterey Peninsula - Top 10 Places To See When Visiting The Central Coast

Monterey Peninsula Vacation Giveaway

And, that’s not all… See Monterey (the Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau) is offering you the opportunity to win a getaway to the Monterey Peninsula, including: 2-nights at Monterey Tides, 2 tickets to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and a Wine Blending experience at Joullian Vineyards.

To be eligible to win this vacation giveaway, simply leave a comment below explaining why you’d love to visit the Monterey Peninsula. A random winner will be chosen by See Monterey, selected from reader comments.

The Local's Guide To The Monterey Peninsula - Big Sur River

Big Sur River:

When you visit the Monterey Peninsula, one of the first things you should do is hop in your car and head down the Pacific Highway to the world-renowned Big Sur (one of fashion designer Michael Kors’ favorite travel destinations). As you enter this rustic town nestled under towering Redwood groves, one of the first spots to visit is the Big Sur River (adjacent to the Big Sur River Inn). Here you’ll find relaxing chairs not by, but actually in, the Big Sur River. Take off your shoes, grab a cold beverage, and kick back in the river while your cares and worries wash away.

The Local's Guide To The Monterey Peninsula - Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park:

After relaxing at the Big Sur River, head up the road a bit to next must-see spot – the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. From awe-inspiring Redwood trees that soar high above your head to miles of nature trails that will inspire your sense of exploration, this scenic state park is the ultimate place to go camping or hiking.

The Local's Guide To The Monterey Peninsula - Bixby Bridge Big Sur

Bixby Bridge:

One of the most photographed spots on the Monterey Peninsula, the Bixby Bridge is an iconic landmark in California. Located along the Pacific Highway (between Big Sur and Carmel), this world-famous bridge was first built in 1931. The graceful and elegant architecture of the bridge, combined with the sensational coastal view from the bridge, makes it an inspiring vision of both form and function.

The Local's Guide To The Monterey Peninsula - Carmel Beach

Carmel Beach:

After leaving Big Sur, head north along Pacific Highway toward the charming city of Carmel. Here you’ll find one of the most beautiful beaches in all of California – Carmel Beach. Not only does this beach boast unbelievable views, it’s also incredibly dog-friendly. Your furry friends can roam free while jumping into the Pacific Ocean and playing with other animal pals on this sandy beach. Whether you want to have a peaceful picnic on the beach or go surfing or paddle-boarding in the waves, Carmel Beach offers a wide array of options for every visitor.

The Local's Guide To The Monterey Peninsula - Carmel Mission

Carmel Mission:

Founded in 1770 by Father Junipero Serra, Carmel Mission is the second of 21 California missions. Surrounded by blooming gardens, statuary, and a tranquil courtyard, Carmel Mission is one of the must-see spots on the Monterey Peninsula. Whether you’re Catholic or not, this is a beautiful landmark to visit on the Central Coast. You can attend Mass at the Carmel Mission, or just find inner peace by meditating at this inspiring place of worship.

The Local's Guide To The Monterey Peninsula - Carmel-by-the-Sea


Known as “The Golden Triangle”, the million dollar homes (and cottages) in Carmel-by-the-Sea are a must-see in their own right. These uniquely designed and exquisitely maintained houses offer visitors a sight to behold (and capture in photographs). From historic homes built in the early 1900’s to modern architectural feats constructed in recent years, Carmel-by-the-Sea is one of the most desirable places to live (and visit) in all of the United States.

The Local's Guide To The Monterey Peninsula - Fisherman's Wharf Monterey

Fisherman’s Wharf:

From tasty clam chowder and fresh seafood to unparalleled bay views and vistas of aquatic life, Fisherman’s Wharf in downtown Monterey is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the Monterey Peninsula. Here you’ll discover sea lions basking under the Sun on a nearby rock, furry otters playing in the water, and fishing and whale-watching boats touring the Monterey Bay every day of the year. Plus, one of the main attractions of Fisherman’s Wharf is the row of bustling restaurants that offer a variety of seafood plates that will tempt your tastebuds.

The Local's Guide To The Monterey Peninsula - Lover's Point Pacific Grove

Lover’s Point:

Whether you’re visiting the Monterey Peninsula with your romantic partner or just your friends, Lover’s Point is a must-see spot to visit in Pacific Grove. From a landscaped community park (which is ideal for picnics and casual gatherings) to a stunning recreational trail with unobstructed ocean views, Lover’s Point is a beautiful scenic place to spend a few hours on a sunny afternoon. Plus, this area offers a volleyball court, a children’s swimming pool, beaches (that you can kayak at), and a restaurant with ocean views, this family-friendly spot is a place your whole clan can enjoy.

The Local's Guide To The Monterey Peninsula - Pebble Beach Golf Courses

17-Mile Drive:

From world-renowned championship golf courses to majestic ocean vistas, 17-Mile Drive is a must-see spot in Pebble Beach. On a beautiful day, hop in your car and plan to spend a few hours exploring the prestigious gated community of Pebble Beach. While touring the area, stop by the famed Lone Cypress, The Lodge, and the Pebble Beach golf courses for photos.

The Local's Guide To The Monterey Peninsula - Stillwater Cove Pebble Beach

Stillwater Cove:

Last, but certainly not least, is Stillwater Cove in Pebble Beach. Adjacent to the exclusive Beach & Tennis Club, this scenic beach is a great spot to have a picnic, relax by the bay, and go kayaking or sailing. As the sun begins to set, this is one of the best places to watch they sky become a dreamy mix of pinks and blues, while the waves crash on the jagged rocks below.

If you’d love to win a vacation to the Monterey Peninsula, make sure to comment below and share your favorite memory of visiting the Monterey Peninsula or the top reason why you’d enjoy a trip to this renowned destination.

To learn more about the Monterey Peninsula, visit the MCCVB website for information about everything this area offers. Plus, you can download a free Visitor’s Guide (at the bottom of each page) to help you plan your perfect Monterey Peninsula vacation.

[Photos by Inspirations & Celebrations. Video c/o MCCVB.]

  1. Did anyone win the trip to Monterey?
    Are you doing it again in 2017? ????⛵️????????????????????
    Bucket list, ✔️

    • Christina-Lauren says:

      Yes, a reader from Canada won the trip. It’s very possible we’ll host another Monterey Peninsula vacation giveaway (in October). Stay tuned.

  2. Mary Higinbotham says:

    I would love to go to the Monterrey Peninsula to enjoy the peace and serenity of that gorgeous area. My doctor recommended a vacation so that I could forget about all health problems so I think that would give me peace.

  3. I think Central California is underrated and deserves to be explored. I would love to visit and discover more about what makes this region truely unique. There’s nothing better than good company, delicious food, and breathtaking views.

  4. I would love a trip to Monterey. The CA coast is so beautiful. I would love to explore the Monterey aquarium and observe the sea life. It would be so relaxing and nice to get away.

  5. Deborah Caudill says:

    All of the photos and descriptions are amazingly breathtaking. I haven’t left the state of North Carolina since my son was 3 months old and my sister and her husband paid for my husband, me and our son to go to Sunset Beach in North Carolina. I always thought I could pay my sister back one day, but she passed away unexpectedly 5 years ago. She would have loved Monterey. My son just turned 27 this past July. I am a single mom and it just wasn’t in the budget for us to take a vacation. I would love to show him California since he hasn’t been anywhere except for South Carolina with his dad. It is so beautiful there and I would love to win this giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. This place looks beautiful. This is a place you only dream of going. my boys and i would love to relax and just take in the scenery. I haven’t been on vacation with them in years.

  7. In all the years we have lived in California, we never have visited Monterey (sad to say). From the photos and descriptions, the area rivals many of the sites on both coasts and, I dare say, overseas. Here’s hoping!

  8. I would love to take my wife to the Monterey Peninsula because we have only been on the west coast one other time and did not have the chance to see Monterey.

  9. Raymond Saunders says:

    #11 – PEBBLE BEACH CONCOURS d’ELEGANCE – loved my last visit to Monterey, Carmel-By-The-Sea, and the gorgeous hikes in Big Sur. Can’t wait to go back!

  10. I would love to win this! My husband and I just had our one year anniversary and this would be an awesome way to celebrate!

  11. Monterey shows that it is a beautiful place, I am sure that anyone who wins this sweepstakes would have a wonderful trip. I would love to go there.

  12. I’d love to visit the Monterey Peninsula to play the best golf courses in the world, enjoy the fabulous ocean views, and sample the local wine and food. Sounds great!

  13. Absolutely breathtaking and stunning!!…every single time!! As a kid, spent summers there. Plus Love fishing and they have to best Artichokes in the world!!

  14. After learning so much in college about the oceanic and geographic aspects of Monterey, I’d love to experience it in person!

  15. Caitlin Morgan says:

    I have wanted to go to Monterey Bay Aquarium since I was little. Taking this trip with my husband would be the ultimate vacation away from all of our worries.

  16. I would love to win this trip for my parents. My father has come to conclusion he will never be able to retire. He is already in his seventies and I worry about both of my parents health and well being. I cant afford to send them on a trip or vacation, which they truly need, and winning this trip would be such a wonderful gift to be able to give them. I cant give them retirement ( I am working on it though) but it would bring them such joy to be able to get away to the ocean and to a place filled with beauty and relaxation for a while. I am crossing my fingers and toes that I can do something special for them. They deserve a break and to remember that life can be beautiful and there is a world outside of this little town…

  17. Jayne Cameron says:

    I have always wanted to visit the Monterey Peninsula area to see the beautiful scenery and experience the 17 mile drive area.

  18. Susan Stirling says:

    Wow! My BFF and I decided to take an extra-extra-long weekend to celebrate her birthday in December and this looks like an ideal spot .. Monterey is #1 on my bucket list and she’s never been!

  19. Michelle Bingham says:

    My husband and I are in desperate need of a vacation. We have spent the summer caring for my Dad so he could stay in his home while on hospice. He passed two days after his 74th bday. I miss him so much already and I know seeing Big Sur would be wonderful for Bob and I.

  20. I would love to take my husband for a much needed getaway. I have never been and your photos show how beautiful and inviting the area is. My bags are already pack! lol Thank you for this amazing chance.

  21. Wendy wallach says:

    I was there some years ago as part of a motorcycle trip with an old friend. Unfortunately he never wanted to actually stop the motorcycle and explore any of the areas we passed through. I would love the chance to revisit and actually see the Monterey area!

  22. I would love to win a trip to Monterey Peninsula. I used to love going to the aquarium when I was a kid and I’d love to share the experience with my little girl.

  23. Lori Goldstein says:

    I would love to travel the 17 mile drive with my husband again as we did 36 years ago after spending our first anniversary in San Francisco and returning home down the coast.

  24. Connie Blasing says:

    Oh, I definitely would love to have an opportunity to spend time there. The closest I came was a business trip to Sacramento in 1989 and I spent 36 hours in San Francisco before I returned home. Thank you!

  25. Timothy Anderson Jr says:

    Where do you start? There is so many beautiful things to see and activities to try. I would love to build a bunch of memories to share with my fiance. The majestic redwoods of Big Sur, the architecture, the beautiful coastline. I would love to try the local restaurants, do a little shopping, fishing, and maybe find that unique out of the way place to talk about for years. I would definitely end it with a walk on the beach at sunset talking about the Monterey experiences we just made that we will reminisce about for a lifetime.

  26. christine burd says:

    I would love to revisit Monterey’s fisherman’s wharf for some great seafood . It is a lovely area with lots of history

  27. Ingrid Jackson says:

    I lived in Monterrey when I was nine years old and my father was stationed at Fort Ord; I would love to go back as it would bring back many wonderful memories while I was growing up. I would love to take my daughters so they could see where part of my life was. This would be a dream come true for me.

  28. Jessica Frederick says:

    Every year growing up, my family would drive from Seattle to SoCal on Highway 101. The winding road was a metaphor for summers: winding, memorable, and full of highlights. I’d love to continue this tradition with my husband this year during our 1-year anniversary. Monterey is the perfect area to celebrate this next chapter and honor so many beautiful memories.

  29. Monterey is an ideal vacay destination. Besides visiting the beautiful much to do city, there is so much to see as day trips; Big Sur, Carmel, Castroville, Elkhorn Slough. Love that wineries are plentiful, well appointed hotels, nice beaches. And the weather can’t be beat! I love this area and wish I could visit more often.

  30. My husband and I got married in the courthouse, and never really had a honeymoon. We’re about to celebrate 12 years married, and this sounds like the perfect trip to celebrate!

  31. I’ve never been there so I’d love to see how beautiful it is in person. I rarely get to go on vacations and haven’t been on one in years. I think this would be a great place to take a vacation

  32. I remember having a girls weekend there once years ago, just me and my mom and we went to the aquarium (love the otters!), walked Cannery Row, ate fish and laughed a lot. Would love to do this again 🙂

  33. I read about Monterey in a comic book when I was a kid LONG ago and wanted to visit ever since! Sounds like a beautiful, memorable place.

  34. I haven’t had a vacation in Years. I would love to visit this place. If I get there I will never want to leave. What a relaxing place to visit.

  35. Christine Holliday says:

    I have never been there,but it sure sounds like a wonderful place! I would love to experience this trip of a lifetime! It sounds so exotic!

  36. Hi, I am just going to say that after the past few years, I deserve some things that I love, and I love all the fabulous gifts selected for this contest. Talk about knowing a woman’s heart. I have not had the opportunity to visit and meet the people of monterey peninsula. I love to give, for now however, I am ready to receive as well.

  37. I would like to take my Cutie Pie to Monterey. We went to Cape Hatteras many years ago on the East Coast, but she has not seen the Pacific yet. I have been all up and down the West Coast for work, but never to hang out. That would be fun.

  38. Jessica Tartaglia says:

    I would love to win because I am 34 years old and have never gone on a vacation. I have been with a man I love very much for 15 years and we have never gone on vacation. I would like to see if a vacation getaway could rekindle the spark we once had.

  39. My favorite (and only) Monterey memory is that my dad, who used to work for HP, took my sister and I to visit the aquarium shortly after it opened. It was a great father-daughters trip that I’d love to revisit.

  40. Susan Stirling says:

    This area is right at the top of my Bucket List! I would love to start a nice, leisurely road trip and see all of the spots that the Local’s Guide recommends. This prize would make a wonderful start-point!

  41. My husband and I met and dated in Monterey. We used to eat at a small cafe named Breakers for a special breakfast and International Cuisine for an amazing supper. We loved walking through the farmers market and along the beach. It is a place full of special memories for the two of us.

  42. This would make a great vacation for me and my husband, we never got a chance to take a honeymoon and I think this would be a great place to go. Living in Virginia, the farthest west I’ve gone is Kentucky.

  43. I would love to go somewhere I’ve never been before, and this looks beautiful. My child died a few months ago; it would be great to get away and clear my mind. Thanks for the opportunity.

  44. Carolyn Reilly says:

    It’s on my bucket list! I am an East Coast girl and would love to see the West Coast. I looks amazing. Great gift for our 47th wedding anniversary.

  45. Wow! These places sound glorious! The farthest west I’ve ever been has been Arizona. I would love to get to see the California coast.

  46. I am a Florida resident and have made one trip to your gorgeous state and said then, wow I could move here!
    I’ve said my dream was to get back and go south the next time.
    Our two week journey was flying into San Francisco then we hiked, biked and camped up the coastal road for a few days, then onto Tahoe and Yosemite back to beach camping at half moon bay. Ending back in San Francisco for two days of sightseeing and walking up and down the entire city.
    Everywhere people seemed so healthy, happy and the summer foods were delicious. The nectarines were the best I’ve every eaten. The seafood out of this world.
    Loved everything about California. Now, I want to get down your way.
    Thanks Vickie and John

  47. I’d love to win this trip because when I was a teenager, my father took my on a trip with him to Monterey, California. He traveled about 40 wks out of the year, and it was a privilege I was granted only because I got straight A’s in school. I remember having the BEST time of my life, and I was just a kid! I remember staring out at the Pacific Ocean hoping I would come back someday. Now, as I look at my life, and I see all the places that I went with my father, I never knew those would be the only time I would ever see those beautiful places. My husband and I just do not live that kind of lifestyle. I wish we did, but it is my fault in some ways because mistakes made in my past affect my present still. If what some say about the Pacific Ocean having no past is true, then I really need to go back there and find myself again. But this time, i do not want to be with my father. I want to be with the only man in this whole world that I love more than life itself, my husband. If anyone can see a place as beautiful as Monterey, it should be him. He deserves that and so much more.

  48. Andrea Compston says:

    I feel so relaxed and at peace whenever I visit Monterey, Carmel, or Big Sur. The natural beauty of the area is like no other. The pictures make me wish I was there.

  49. I haven’t visited in over 20 years. I am in the process of adopting a teenager from foster care. It would be awesome to take my new son and have some quality time to get to know each other and relax and explore together.

  50. shannon fowler says:

    Id love to win this because this is a place I have never gotten to go. my fiancé and I love exploring new places, and especially places like this with beautiful scenery and places to hike outdoors.

  51. I’ve only been to California a few times and I only remember my trip to LA, which really isn’t representative of the entire state. I’d love to visit the central coast – it seems absolutely beautiful.

  52. I’ve never been to Monterey Peninsula but its been on bucket list for awhile! One of the main to see that I must check off when I’m there is the beautiful Point Lobos State Reserve! Oh my that place looks like a dream! Thank you for such a lovely giveaway!

  53. Ryan Whisenhunt says:

    I’d LOVE to win this trip to Monterey, what a great prize! It’s one of the most beautiful and breathtaking areas in all of California. Plus, it’s where my wife and I went on our Honeymoon just over 16 years ago. It holds a very special place in our hearts, and I think it’s about time we go back for a visit. 🙂

  54. I would love to visit The Monterey Peninsula to enjoy a mini getaway and to unplug for a bit.

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  55. Leslie Crosbie says:

    I have never been on a vacation but I need one!!
    I am a single mom and could never afford a vacation…my kids are all almost grown so I could actually go if I won!!

  56. Jennifer Johns says:

    My fiance’ and I have never been to Northern California and it looks beyond beautiful. We would absolutely love the opportunity to explore the Monterey Peninsula and create memories that would last a lifetime.

  57. Carmel Beach has been a stop I always have to make when visiting Northern California. I have some of the most beautiful sunset pictures that I’ve ever taken from standing on that beach! All of your points are such amazing places and they’re all sure to leave visitors with a happy experience and a pleasant memory.


    Id love to win a trip there because ive never been there before and its on my bucket list of places to go,,its been a very hard year for me and this would be a nice end to it ,,maybe start the good luck coming my way for a change

  59. I really want to go the aquarium! I’ve never been to the west coast and would love to get away from the city to relax in nature.

  60. I have been all over California, but never to Monterey and would love the opportunity. There is such a laid back atmosphere, and just a fun place to be outdoors. Great weather.

  61. I have visited Pebble Beach and Carmel for a few days 8 years ago, unfortunately, I never took the time to explore the entire Monterey peninsula area, It was so beautiful and enchanting that we were mesmerized by the few placed we did explore.
    I need to go back at least for a full week! I may never leave.

  62. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I would love to win because my husband I have never been but this would be the perfect place for us to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary! The area is so beautiful!

  63. I’ve never been, but it looks amazing! I just finished 5 years of long distance for grad school and started a new job, so I would LOVE a relaxing vacation for myself and my significant other!

  64. I have always wanted to visit Monterey and all of its lovely sites. The perfect vortex of my favorite things – ocean, wine, and serenity. This working mama is dreaming of a Monterey respite. Appreciate the opportunity.

  65. I have been to the Monterey area once and still say it is one of the most beautiful areas I have been to in the world. Whenever we play the lottery I say I need to win big so I can buy a house next to Clint Eastwood 🙂 It would be wonderful to go back and appreciate all the beauty the area offers.

  66. It’s been 25 years since I was there. I love it in Monterey. The aquarium is the best one I have ever visited. Big Sur takes me back to my old ‘hippie’ days. It is such a mellow place. And, Carmel is the best artist’s town to visit. The shops are wonderful. So are the restaurants. And, there was a great little ice cream shop that I loved. Don’t get me started on Fisherman’s Wharf.

  67. I would love to visit Monterey. I would love wine tasting and some great dining with local fresh seafood. My husband was lucky enough to have driven 17 mile drive and said it is gorgeous!

  68. Haven’t been west of the Mississippi; ‘Joisey’ boy transplanted into the Midwest, and have only seen the Atlantic. Would love to visit the Pacific coast. Already won two nights in Napa from another site; would love to add this win to that and fly out to spend a week!

  69. bernardina sims says:

    I have heard so many great things about monterey! I would love to see it for myself for a relaxing vacay!!! Boy could I use it!

  70. I have so many beautiful memories of visiting Monterey as a child! I remember one of the first times I found myself in awe of sea life was at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Many years later I no longer live in Northern California, but I still have a love for wildlife! I am studying ecology and would love to visit there again!

  71. Wow, where does one start!! I absolutely love the Monterey Peninsula. I was fortunate enough to visit Carmel and Monterey. There is a lot to offer. If you love to cycle, I suggest cycling the 17 mile drive. It’s gorgeous! The central coast has ocean on one side and deer on the other. When in Monterey, it’s a must to dine at the Fish House on Del Monte Ave. Incredible seafood and excellent service! The wine in the region is exceptional as well. Visit the Tor House in Carmel if possible. Poet Robinson Jeffers built it with boulders from the sea. Do you like to golf? Many courses in the area including Pebble Beach, but bring a heavy pocketbook. Ok, sorry, I sound like a travel advisor!! haha Good luck to you all who have entered. There’s so much more to see & do, including the Aquarium, but I have to get to work. 🙂

  72. How so very lucky I would be if I could win this fabulous trip to Monterey! It’s always been the most gorgeous, beautiful & breathtaking place in the whole world that I have visited! The last time I was there was in the late 90’s with my now deceased husband. I would so truly love to win, as it’s on the top of my bucket list & I would be so ever blessed to get the opportunity to visit Monterey again! Plus, it’s my BFF’s 83rd birthday in October & I would ever so love to win & surprise her with this trip to amazing Monterey!

  73. I have always dreamed of visiting California and seeing the redwoods! I could just sit and talk to the trees all day long! I’ve never been on a real vacation in my life, sad to say I’m going on 50! I did get to go to Oklahoma last Christmas to visit my daughter who is stationed at Tinker Air Force Base. The military has changed her a lot, and sad to say I was looking forward to coming home! This would be an amazing trip!

  74. I’d love to have a weekend escape up in Monterey…it’s one of the places relatively nearby (2-3 hours away) I’ve never got to experience except for a trip to the aquarium 20 years ago. This would be a beautiful and awesome experience!

  75. Kathleen Conner says:

    I’d love to win this vacation giveaway, because we moved to California not too long ago, and we haven’t explored any of the famous Central Coast yet!

  76. Terry Stebbins says:

    Love Monterey, my husband and I visited many years ago and I’ve never forgotten how beautiful the ocean was and the waves splashed against the rocks, just like a picture!

  77. My wife and daughter went to Monterey many years ago (my daughter brought back a stuffed Otter from the aquarium that she still has to this day) but I was unable to go…so that’s why I would love to win this trip 🙂 🙂 It would be a great weekend getaway for me and my wife 🙂


  79. Carmel-by-the-Sea is my and my husband’s favorite place. We’ve been twice this year. Our favorite place to eat is Dametra. For wine and cheese tasting, you can’t beat The Cheese Shop.

  80. Lynda Christian says:

    I have been there before and it is a little bit of heaven! When I am in my midwest backyard getting devoured by mosquitos and sweating profusely, I go to my happy place–Carmel Beach. I’m going through withdrawal.

  81. I visited California for the first time last year and loved it. While we didn’t get a chance to visit Monterey Bay on this trip, I would love the chance!

  82. I’ve only been to the area once 25 years ago but it remains vivid in my mind. It was a two week vacation taken at the end of my college days. I’d love to return and spend some time in this beautiful area of the country.

  83. I would love to win the trip to Monterey, as it is one of our favorite places and we have not been able to visit in way too long.

  84. We’ve only visited the Monterey Peninsula once, and that was right after 9/11/2001, so we didn’t really get to enjoy our trip. We’d love to go back!

  85. Bethany Kreiter says:

    I would love to win a vacation here! Everything about the place looks absolutely stunning. My boyfriend and I love anything outdoorsy and adventurous, so this would be the perfect getaway!

  86. Jacqueline Griffin says:

    There’s so much histiory along the California Coast that I have yet to see! All the pictures look amazing! I didn’t know that Monterey has a Fishermans Wharf! Big Sur is definitely in my list of places to visit and Carmel By The Sea looks like a dream! Thank you so much for such a wonderful gift!

  87. My favorite memories of visiting the Monterey Peninsula is the times my husband and I drove down there for weekend getaways. The first time we visited there, we fell in love with Carmel Beach, the Cannery Row and the Fishermans Wharf. We love the beach, the food, going to the art galleries, horse back riding and whale watching to name a few things. I enjoyed reading this post and would love to visit the Monterey Peninsula again soon and do a few things that we’ve not yet done like going to Big Sur River, Lover’s Point and Stillwater Cove. I just love being around the ocean so much. Your so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway.

  88. I’ve only been in that area once, when we visited San Francisco and drove down to see Pebble Beach. Carmel is a lovely city and the scenery is gorgeous along the coast.

  89. I would love to win a vacation to the Monterey Peninsula because it had been five years since I when on a vacations. I need to get away to relax and visit a place I never been before. Thank you for the sweepstakes.

  90. I would love to win a trip to Monterey Peninsula in Northern California. I have never been west of Colorado and would love to see California once in my lifetime. I love the ocean so much and this looks like the perfect place for me to visit.

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