While the fashion industry is focusing on Spring 2017 fashion trends that are being debuted at New York Fashion Week right now, everyone else is starting to think about Fall 2016 fashion trends, as we begin to transition into a new season.

With so many new fall fashion trends popping up in stores (from flared pants and bodysuits to lace dresses and boho chic suede boots), you might be wondering which fall fashion trends are just a passing fad, and which ones will be worth actually spending money on.

5 Investment-Worthy Fall Fashion Trends That Are Worth The Splurge

5 Investment-Worthy Fall Fashion Trends

To help you make wise choices while shopping for new pieces, today’s shopping guide shares 5 investment-worthy fall fashion trends that are worth the splurge. From dramatic, dark florals and traditional plaids to wild animal prints and take-charge military looks, these are the best fall fashion trends to shop for this season, as they’ll look timeless and stylish for years to come.

Investment-Worthy Fall Fashion Trends: Dark Florals

Intense, dramatic, and decidely moody, florals are taking a turn for the dark side this season. Fiercely feminine and very romantic, dark florals are one of the prettiest fall fashion trends this year. From bold floral prints to sweet miniature floral patterns, dark floral dresses and skirts are a must-have for Fall.




Investment-Worthy Fall Fashion Trends: Velvet

Inspired by the Victorian era, velvet is having a resurgence this Autumn. To modernize this vintage style, designers are using this sumptuous fabric in everything from sophisticated blazers to body-skimming dresses. Not only does velvet have a luxurious texture, it’s a stylish way to stay cozy during Fall.




Investment-Worthy Fall Fashion Trends: Plaid

If there was anything to learn about fashion, it’s that while trends are cyclical, some things will never go out of style. One of the most popular patterns every Fall is plaid. This traditional take on Tartan looks not only adds a cheery dose of color (which brightens your day, especially when the weather is drab and dreary), it also is great for layering with other pieces, such as leather jackets and knit scarves.




Investment-Worthy Fall Fashion Trends: Military

Take charge of your wardrobe this season with the commanding military trend. Inspired by army looks, everything from army green cargo pants and camouflage printed jackets to pea coats with epaulets, military looks are becoming one of the hottest fall fashion trends this season. What makes this style so investment-worthy and versatile is that you can wear it throughout the year, as the military fashion trend has been a big hit in both Spring and Fall in recent years.




Investment-Worthy Fall Fashion Trends: Animal Prints

Go wild this season with animal prints. From coats to blouses, animal prints are a bold, brazen way to up your style ante and stand-out from the crowd. When featured on luxe fabrics (like silk and cashmere), animal prints make a sophisticated statement. Just make sure to opt for nature-inspired prints (in neutral tones), rather than going for a garish neon-colored zebra print, if you want to look classy.




Which fall fashion trends are you most excited to wear?


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