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Favorite Fall Style Trends

From 70’s inspired fringe and boho chic floppy hats (that instantly make any outfit a “wow” statement) to sexy booties (that are perfect for transitional weather and moderate temperature climates), featured here are a round-up of Fashion Bloggers’ Favorite Fall Style Trends for 2014.

Favorite Fall Style Trends

From established fashion bloggers (who have been published on The Huffington Post and in The New York Times) and internationally-known style bloggers (that have fans spanning the globe) to up-and-coming fashion bloggers just getting their start in the blogosphere, featured here are several bloggers’ favorite fall style trends. [Listed in alphabetical order]

Ayana Pitterson of Thrifting Diva: “My favorite fall fashion trend is definitely the awesome booties in style now. I live in San Diego and the weather does not dictate knee high boots until late November. However, the booties are the perfect compromise to looking awesome in the fall without looking crazy for wearing things that are really not weather appropriate.”

Lauren J Parry of Outfits & Outings: My favorite fall fashion trend is the floppy felt hat. It is the perfect way to top off an outfit. I recommend finding a hat that contrasts with your hair color (brown hair: tan or oxblood; blonde hair: brown or black; red hair: deep teal). Felt hats are classy and fabulous way to dress up a chic everyday look.

MarahCAR of MarahCAR: “I have completely FALLen for Fedoras for this season! These hats were extremely popular during the summer music festivals, but I think they transition perfectly into fall as well. While all of these may not be your typical style of fedora, these styles and colors work great with any of your fall staples and really add some flare to your outfit. I love hats and I think this is the perfect fall trend to add to your wardrobe.”

Mary Hall of The Recessionista®: “I’m loving the return of skinny jeans paired with a great jacket or even an oversized chunky sweater. And still loving the color block trend on dresses and tops , it’s slimming & colorful.”

Melinda Fleming of Curated Cool: “My fave trend right now is fringe, but one should always have a signature fringe piece all year round. From a bag, to a skirt, to an amazing jacket, its the little details, and the 3D texture that is created from it is wicked.”

Which fall style trends are you loving this season?

Fashion Bloggers Favorite Fall Style Trends 2014

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