Personal Color Palettes

Figuring out your personal color palette is the best way to choose the most flattering colors to wear (whether that be related to fashion, jewelry, or makeup options). The concept behind the seasonal color palette is to categorize types by different seasons – Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall. The foundation of the “Color Analysis” theory is based on a combination of varying appearances, including hair color, eye color, and skin tone.

A handful of artists (such as Albert Munsell) and authors (including Christine Sherlock and Mary Spillane) have written books about the subject, going into detail about how colors (and their related hues) are the most flattering for different types. Ranging from dark brunettes with deep brown eyes to fair-haired types with ivory skin tones, everyone falls into one of the four primary seasonal color palettes listed below. By assessing your key color characteristics, here’s how to determine which seasonal color palette you belong in.

Seasonal Color Palettes

The Spring Color Palette

Women with “Spring” coloring tend to have a soft, delicate appearance. Two perfect examples of celebrities who would most likely be categorized as having a Spring Color Palette are Kate Bosworth and Cate Blanchett. These types generally have light skin tones (such as ivory or porcelain), light colored eyes (like blue or green), and fairer-colored hair (soft blonde, golden gray, or strawberry blonde). The colors that are the most flattering on this type are vivid shades of blue (like turquoise and royal blue), pink tones (such as coral and strawberry), and a variety of green hues (including emerald and grass). They also look lovely in soft pastels (such as periwinkle and light mint), as well as basic neutrals (including soft gray and navy).

Spring Color Palette - Best Colors For Blondes

Summer Color Palette

The Summer Color Palette types generally have ash brown, ash blonde, and golden blonde hair, beige or tan skin tones, and gray-green, gray-blue, or blue-green eyes. Jennifer Aniston and Hilary Duff could both fall into this category. Since these types can easily get ‘washed out’ by strong colors, it’s best for them to choose hues that bring out their natural vitality and radiance. The Summers also look great with a tan or a hint of bronzed skin, as it warms up their complexion, giving them a bit more of a dramatic appearance. Colors such as rose pink, lavender, jade, aqua, and pale yellow are especially flattering on those with a Sumer Color Palette.

Summer Color Palette - Best Colors For Blondes

Fall Color Palette

As we transition from Summer into Autumn, we see that nature starts to take on a range of varying hues. The same holds true for women who fall into the Fall Color Palette. Celebrities like Adele, Jessica Alba, and Julia Robertson would most likely be part of the Fall Color Palette. Most noticeable for their warm, vibrant features, these types generally have medium brown, auburn, and chestnut colored hair, with warmer skin tones (like honey brown or warm beige). Their eyes range from hazel and topaz to olive and golden brown. These types look best in contrasting colors, to play up the drama in their natural features. Hues such as aubergine, mustard, rust, forest green, bronze, olive, and teal are especially flattering for those with a Fall Color Palette.

Fall Color Palette - Best Colors For Brunettes

Winter Color Palette

Women who are categorized as having a Winter Color Palette have a naturally striking, strong appearance. With dark hair colors (like black and dark brown), cool skin tones (such as black, olive, ivory, or cool beige), and deep eyes (such as violet blue, deep brown, or olive green). Celebs such as Katy Perry, Jennifer Garner, and Halle Berry would be ideal examples of those with a Winter Color Palette. These types look best in complementary colors that are vibrant, deep, and rich in tonality. Colors such as burgundy, hot pink, royal blue, purple, pine green, and true red are especially flattering on these types of women.

Winter Color Palette - Best Colors For Brunettes

As you go through the process of determining which Seasonal Color Palette you belong to, keep in mind that a variety of factors (including your age, what time of year it is, and if you enhance or change your appearance by way of tanning or hair coloring) can affect your personal color palette. It’s not uncommon for people to switch up their personal color palette for these reasons. When done correctly, the above color palettes can be used as a guide for choosing the most flattering hues for your appearance.

[Image Credit: Shutterstock; Color Palettes: Inspirations & Celebrations]

[External Reference: Color Me Beautiful’s Looking Your Best]

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