Anyone who’s ever lived in a humid climate will tell you the one long-range benefit of humidity is youthful-looking skin, since we all know that moisture is skin’s best friend. But for those of us who don’t live in Miami, an at-home facial steamer (otherwise known as a sauna) is our best option.

Recently I went to four stores (Whole Foods, RiteAid, a beauty supply and CVS) looking for a facial steamer… but was unsuccessful in finding one. So, after much frustration, I resorted to good old online research. I was so excited when I found the well-reviewed and super-affordable Conair Facial Sauna System, and even more excited when it finally arrived at my house!

Not only does this particular unit come with the facial steamer (and built-in timer), it also includes a (battery-operated) rotating handheld device with two different attachments (1 scrubber for deep cleansing and 1 foam applicator for lotions).

First you would use the hot steamer for about 10-15 minutes to open up your pores (allow about 5 minutes for the water to heat-up before use). Then lather on your favorite facial cleanser, using the scrub attachment to gently exfoliate and deep-clean your skin. After that, wash with cold water (to close your pores), and apply face lotion with the foam applicator.

Basically, it’s a complete facial treatment for only $35. How incredible is that?!

  1. @Lisa I’m great! Hope you are too. Good to hear this post was helpful for you. I couldn’t believe that all the stores I visited didn’t carry one either?! So I was very happy to find it online.

  2. wow, amazing that these things exist. I still do it the 50’s way, boil water in a pot, pour it into a basin, and drape my head and the basiin in a towel, then steam 🙂


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