In a modern world where the mass belief is that newer is better, sometimes bringing the past into the present is all we need to connect us to the rich history of yesteryear. I find it especially inspiring to see a fashion trend that evokes old world charm come back into style. Let your […]
Summer weather is beckoning you to take a trip on the high seas with these nautical-inspired looks. Just in time for Memorial Day weekend festivities, these adorable striped tops, flats, and accessories will have you saying “Anchors Away!” in no time. So let your cares sail away this summer, and have some fun frolicking in […]
  Every spring in Indio (California), when the days get longer and the nights get hotter, the annual music festival (Coachella Music and Arts Festival) draws thousands of hipsters, celebrities (like Kate Bosworth and Nicole Richie), and rockers to the Palm Springs desert. The current fashion trends that can be seen at Coachella include feather hair Continue Reading