9 Fashion Bloggers' Favorite Summer Style Trends & Must-Haves for Vacations

One of the most popular places to search online for real life fashion inspiration, and to learn the scoop on what’s hot (when it comes to fashion trends), is through fashion blogs. Since we’re in the heat of Summer, it’s the perfect time to chat with personal style bloggers about their fave Summer style trends.

Fashion Bloggers’ Favorite Summer Style Trends

Sharing their love for everything from off-the-shoulder tops to lace-up sandals, featured below are 9 up-and-coming fashion bloggers and their favorite Summer style trends. Plus, they give their insight on what to wear for Summer vacations and their must-haves for traveling in style.

9 Fashion Bloggers' Favorite Summer Style Trends & Must-Haves for Vacations - The Four Threads

As featured above in the über-cute tropical romper, Veronica Arrieta (the fresh-faced fashion blogger behind The Four Threads) says that one of her favorite Summer style trends is “anything off-the-shoulder, because it allow you to show a little summer glow without looking too risqué – it’s the perfect combination of sexy and sweet.” When it comes to Summer vacay, her must-haves are “either lace up sandals or a fun pair of sunglasses.”

Nicole M. Williams, the Editor-in-Chief of Nicole’s Lifestyle Lounge is having a Summer fling with one of the hottest shoes this season – the gladiator sandal. Having majored in Fashion Marketing at CUNY New York College of Technology, she knows a thing or two about fashion. She says, “my favorite fashion trend is the glammed-up gladiator sandal; they’re totally insta-worthy, and the go-to footwear all summer long.” When she’s traveling, she always totes along “a crossbody bag – (as it’s) the go-to way to free up your hands to those selfies.”

9 Fashion Bloggers' Favorite Summer Style Trends & Must-Haves for Vacations - Ky Chic

As pictured above, Ky Jade – the charming style blogger of Ky Chic – is giving Fall the cold shoulder (for now), as she’s currently loving off-the-shoulder tops. She says, “my favorite trend this summer is the off the shoulder look. It’s a great style that looks good as a top or a dress. It’s also perfect to accessorize with a fabulous necklace to complete the look.” If you’re into retro-inspired looks, then catch some rays this season in “a pair of sunnies.” She exclaims, “I’m loving all the cat eye styles that are so popular right now.”

During Summertime, Nicole DaRosa, the fashion blogger behind Glamorously, Nicole (who has a self-proclaimed passion for fashion and a penchant for lipsticks), likes to kick back in “Block Heels! They are casual enough to wear with boyfriend jeans and dressy enough for a pretty flare dress.” When she wants to make a splash, her must-have accessory for Summer is a pair of “good sunglasses to look chic at the pool and protect my precious eyes!”

9 Fashion Bloggers' Favorite Summer Style Trends & Must-Haves for Vacations - Stylish Sassy and Classy

As featured above, fashion blogger Sarah Zerbe of Stylish Sassy & Classy is a lover of all things colorful, pretty, and classic (which makes her a true Inspirations & Celebrations’ gal). She says, “Bright and bold patterns are one of my favorite summer trends. I feel like summer is all about getting out of your comfort zone and having some fun – with life, and in fashion.” Her totally tote-able travel must-have is a “great bag”.

Briana Rivas of Sequin Gowns & Mermaid Crowns likes to keep things short and sweet during Summer by wearing crop tops. As a fashion lover (with dreams of working in the fashion industry), staying on top of fashion trends is part of her everyday life. She loves crop tops for Summer because “there are so many different styles and it’s an easy way to stay cool while still looking fashionable!” And when she’s packing for a Summer trip, the must-have accessory she won’t leave home without are “cute sunnies!”.

9 Fashion Bloggers' Favorite Summer Style Trends & Must-Haves for Vacations - Living Lesh

As featured above, Iesha Thompson of LivingLesh (the Philly-based petite and budget fashion and lifestyle blog) is currently loving the oh-so-popular crop top. Aside from it being one of the hottest Summer style trends, Iesha (also known as “Lesh”) says it’s perfect for petite gals. She loves “off the shoulder because it’s great for petite women, like myself, who need to show-off a little neck to look taller, and additionally, it shows-off a little skin while still staying classy.” When she wants to make a spectacle (in a good way), she opts for a pair of aviators. “They are essential to my summer wardrobe.”

9 Fashion Bloggers' Favorite Summer Style Trends & Must-Haves for Vacations - bitsofstyleblog.com

Bitsy Skerry (pictured above) is the girl-next-door fashion blogger behind Bits of Style whose getting tied-up this season with lace-up tops and dresses. She’s into this knotty Summer style trend “because it adds interest to a simple silhouette. I especially love lace-up tops and dresses.” When she’s visiting other places, you’ll find her sporting a “structured mini bag – to hold the essentials.” Standing at only 5-feet tall, this petite style blogger shares her shortcuts to looking stylish, no matter what your height.

9 Fashion Bloggers' Favorite Summer Style Trends & Must-Haves for Vacations - Mavelle Style

As seen above, Jenna Hanson Abramson is a true California girl and the fashion blogger behind Mavelle Style. In keeping with several of the other fashion bloggers featured here, she too, is loving “off the shoulder tops/dresses. I love this trend because it is the perfect combo, without overdoing it, of sexy, chic, cool, feminine and edgy.” To top things off – when she travels, a hat is her must-have accessory. “I have always loved hats…hats of all kinds. I travel with at least 2 styles at any given time and not just because I love them and think they complete any beach/pool/vacay look, but because I am also big on protecting my face from the sun.” Hat’s off to that, Jenna!

Which Summer style trends are you loving right now?

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