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What To Wear To Lollapalooza Music Festival Style Guide

Lollapalooza Music Festival is a legendary annual event held in Chicago, Illinois. Boasting vistas of soaring skyscrapers and a tree-lined waterfront, this year’s music festival is being held on August 2nd-4th in the picturesque Grant Park. If you’ve heard the buzz, Lollapalooza sells-out every year (and this year is no exception). So, if you’re one of the lucky folks attending the music festival this weekend, this Style Guide will give you ideas on what to wear there.

What To Wear To Lollapalooza

Since the weather can easily change from warm, sunny days (mid-70’s) to cool, breezy nights, it’s best to bring a warmer change of clothes.

Lollapalooza Daytime Outfit

Start off your day at Lollapalooza wearing bohemian-inspired, cut-off jean shorts (featuring a feminine lace appliqué), paired with comfy booties (made for walking), a casual graphic print tank top, glamorous floppy hat and oversized sunglasses (to protect you from the sun), and a medium-sized hobo bag (for stashing all your festival gear).

Lollapalooza Evening Outfit

When the sun goes down, and the temperature starts to get cooler, change into a tribal print maxi dress, cropped denim jacket, colorful bangles, and flat thong sandals.

About The Lollapalooza Music Festival

Lollapalooza is a popular music festival destination because it offers an incredible line-up of performing acts (like The Cure, Mumford & Sons, Nine Inch Nails, Steke Aoki, Lana Del Rey, and many others) whose genres range from folk to rock to techno, and beyond. Lollapalooza’s hodgepodge of musical offerings provides something for everyone. In addition to the rock-and-roll scene, Lollapalooza is renowned for it’s other attractions, like a Farmer’s Market, Chow Town (where you can enjoy delectable food from a number of vendors), and wine stations.

If you’re going to Lollapalooza, have a fabulous time and look stylish while doing so!


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