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Beauty Buzz: 5 Minute Hair, Make-up, & Nails
We’ve all had those days when the alarm clock doesn’t go off, we’re rushed for time, and have an important day ahead of us. There’s no excuse to look like you just rolled out of bed. If you have just five minutes, you can look pulled together and fabulous with a few easy tricks. Featured in this edition of Beauty Buzz are top tips to getting 5 minute hair, make-up and nails.
No time to wash and blow-dry your hair? No problem! Just use dry shampoo. It removes excess oil from your scalp, adds volume and life back into limp hair, and refreshes your hairstyle in seconds.
If you’re not in the mood to primp your hair, just brush it back into a sleek ponytail. Wrap a small section of hair around the elastic band, and secure the ends with a small bobby pin for a sophisticated, finished look. Or, as an alternative, use a decorative hair tie to add some pizazz to your pretty ponytail.
With just a few minutes to spare, apply some concealer around your eyes (to minimize the look of dark circles) and spot treat any problem areas (redness around the nose, pimples, etc.). Add a quick swipe of blush (a cream-to-powder stick is the easiest to use when time is of the essence), bold bright-colored lipstick, and volumizing mascara.
Using an emery board, neatly file your nails in a short rounded square shape (which is a very contemporary look), and apply a coat of quick-drying clear nail polish.

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