Eau de Parfum

Our sense of smell is so powerful, it can evoke memories, channel an inner desire, and inspire us. So it goes without saying, that it’s important to find a perfume that enhances one’s personality and individual style, without overwhelming it.  Learning how to select apparel that flatters your figure is much akin to choosing a fragrance that works with you and your personal chemistry.

How To Choose A Fragrance

Marketers would like you to believe that the hottest celebrity’s new perfume or the most beautiful packaging should be all that matters for you to buy a fragrance. But that’s all just hype.

Finding the right scent is as individual as developing your personal style.

The first step in the process of finding your perfect fragrance is to take your time. Start by smelling different fragrances (on the sample blotters at the fragrance counter), before applying them to your skin.

Don’t put multiple perfumes on your skin at one time, as you won’t know which one(s) actually flatter you.

If there’s a scent you like, when you do apply the fragrance to your wrist, allow it to “settle” into your skin for about an hour. This allows the perfume the time to combine with your individual chemistry (we each have our own “natural” scent, which is affected by our diet, skin, and heredity), which is when you should decide if you love it or not.

It’s also important to ask yourself what type of “message” you’d want your scent to evoke. Are you romantic and feminine? You might like Beautiful by Estee Lauder. Or would you classify yourself as elegant and refined? Then perhaps Chanel No. 5 is for you? Or do you love clean and modern living? Then perhaps you’re a CK One gal?

The notes in each perfume reflect different types of moods, from passionate to innocent to confident. Keep these tips in mind when choosing the perfect fragrance.

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  1. Good advice hun, definitely want to find my signiture perfume, really want to try Lady Gaga’s one, looks great and I love the smell but not sure about the longevity!! X

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