Lingerie Guide - How To Shop For A Bra

From comfortable Non-Wire Bras to sexy Push-up Bras, there are a wide variety of lingerie styles that are designed to work best for various outfits. The Inspirations & Celebrations Lingerie Guide breaks-down the differences between these types of lingerie, and shares need-to-know tips relative to shopping for undergarments. Before you head to Victoria’s Secret (since their Semi-Annual Sale ends soon!), make sure to check out this lingerie guide to ensure you buy the best bra for different types of apparel.

Types of Bras

From sports bras to push-up bras, there are a number of different styles on the market, each designed with a different purpose. Whether you need support for an active, physically-oriented lifestyle or want to enhance the look of your bust-line (for a sexier appearance), each of the below bras can help you achieve the look or feel you want.

Balcony Bra

Due to the wide spacing of the bra straps, the Balcony Bra is perfect for wearing under boatneck or square neckline tops. They help raise “the girls” without requiring padding, which makes them a suitable choice for those moments that you want to look and feel sexy. Since Balcony Bras don’t typically offer enough support for fuller breasts (sizes C and up), they are best suited for women with small to medium sized breasts (sizes A-B).

Non-Wire Bra

Great for everyday wear, the Non-Wire Bra is one of the most comfortable pieces of lingerie in existence. Due to the manner in which these are designed and constructed, even women with larger breasts can wear Non-Wire Bras without the concern that they won’t have ample support.

Plunge Bra

When you want to add a little “va-va-voom” to your outfit, or you’re wearing a low-cut top with a deep v-neckline, a Plunge Bra is the way to go. This type of bra gives your cleavage a major boost, while ensuring that your bra doesn’t inadvertently pop out from underneath your blouse. These types of bras look especially alluring in sensual fabrics, like lace and satin.

T-Shirt Bra

When you’re wearing a t-shirt, the last thing you want to be visible is your bra. That’s where the T-Shirt Bra comes in handy. With its seamless construction and barely visible design, the T-Shirt Bra is the only way to go when you’re wearing any type of revealing fabric (like fitted cotton).

Sports Bra

Heading to the gym? Off to a yoga class? Your best bet for comfortable support while being active is a Sports Bra. Designed to withstand high impact activities (like Spinning, running, and Zumba), the Sports Bra is the go-to piece of lingerie for women who have active lifestyles. They provide ample coverage, and even come in a wide variety of fun, energizing colors and patterns (making them cute enough to be worn as workout apparel!).

Strapless Bra

When you’re wearing a strapless dress or top, but still need to give your “girls” a lift, a Strapless Bra is your best friend. In years past, women would complain that their Strapless Bra wouldn’t give them ample support, and instead would start to droop after a few hours of wear. But, nowadays, the designs of Strapless Bras have vastly improved. With sturdy interior boning (for added support and lift) and padding (for increased cleavage), Strapless Bras are the best option for wearing underneath strapless or spaghetti strapped tops. There are even Strapless Bras that are backless (which are ideal for low-back tops and dresses); these types of bras adhere to your skin via a removable adhesive.

Push-up Bra

The ultimate piece of lingerie to enhance your bust-line, increase the look of cleavage, and give you the appearance of a bombshell is the miraculous Push-up Bra. This extreme bust-boosting bra (which relies on built-in fabric padding or removable water-filled gel inserts) is the perfect bra to wear when you want to add significant volume to your chest.

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